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Ronni Chasen Murder Suspect Commits Suicide As The Police Close In On Him…What Was He Hiding Concerning This Killing?!?

To his neighbors at the Harvey Apartments in Hollywood he was known only as ‘Harold’, but to the detectives investigating the murder of prominent Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen, he was known to them as their ‘person-of-interest’ suspected in the murder of Mrs. Chasen.(CNN)

‘Harold’ has been under scrutiny and surveillance by the Beverly Hills police for some time, in conjunction with this high-profile murder.

According tho, the suspect Harold had told a neighbor he was supposed to be getting $10,000 soon. A neighbor told KABC-TV Harold bragged that he “offed her” and got paid for it.(TMZ)

Bragging to your random neighbors in a low-rent,low-budget transient hotel in Hollywood, seems to go counter to trying to get away with the crime, a crime that had to take a tremendous amount of skill, for lack of better words, in order to hit the victim in the chest several times, as what happened to Ronni Chasen.

To make it even more of a suspicious professional hit, she was a moving target!!!It would take a highly skilled marksman to be able to commit this murder, in the manner that it was committed.(LA Times)

…I know a lot of people can shoot well, but there are not too many people who have the skill to shoot at this level of skill!!!(Source)

Harold was a black man in his 40’s, and had interestingly enough spent time in prison for firearms and drug violations,but it is not know at this time if he was a highly rated marksman,or had a history of being a contract professional killer.

The fact that he bragged to many of his fellow occupants openly about being the killer, seems to me to be very suspicious.It may be discovered that he was seeking to have his name associated with a high-profile death, if he had anything to do with it or not.(People)

Obviously, his suicide will make theses determinations even more mysterious, as the investigators now have to piece together his motivation for killing himself at the same moment they had come to question him about his knowledge of the murder.

The suicide happened in the lobby of the Harvey apartments as the man was being handed a search warrant, which he was refusing to accept.(NPR)

When the investigators approached Harold with the search warrant, he backed up, and refused to raise his hands. When they police insisted, and began to move towards him, Harold pulled out a hand gun, and splattered his brains across the entire lobby.

He died at the scene, by his own hands.

The full identity of the suspect/suicide victim Harold is being withheld at this time, but will be revealed as soon as his next of kin has been notified of his death.

Beverly Hills Police Lt. Tony Lee wants the public to know that the investigation will not slow-down or end with this suspect’s suicide.

Ronni Chasen and friend Morgan Freeman

Ronni Chasen and friend Morgan Freeman

He has vowed that the investigation “is not over”.

It has been revealed that Ronni Chasen left a will worth over 6 million dollars, and that she specifically left a niece, the paltry sum of  $10.00, and went on to say that she…”intentionally and with full knowledge of the consequences omitted to provide for my niece, Jill Cohen, also known as Jill Gatsby, except for the gift of $10.”(TMZ)

This stunning family revelation may be cause for suspicion, if money is the root of all evil…

Who killed Ronni Chasen???

Who killed Ronni Chasen???

Only time will tell….

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