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Ronni Chasen Murder Suspect Commits Suicide As The Police Close In On Him…What Was He Hiding Concerning This Killing?!?

December 2, 2010

To his neighbors at the Harvey Apartments in Hollywood he was known only as ‘Harold’, but to the detectives investigating the murder of prominent Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen, he was known to them as their ‘person-of-interest’ suspected in the murder of Mrs. Chasen.(CNN) ‘Harold’ has been under scrutiny and surveillance by the Beverly Hills police […]

Missing Woman’s Body Found Inside Motel Bed…While Renters Slept On Top Of Her For Several Months!!!

March 18, 2010

Here is a story that solidifies my belief in checking a room out for cleanliness at any hotel or motel I stay at,thoroughly,before I decide to stay there.Call me particular if you like, but I just believe that a hotel should provide a clean set of sheet, a clean pillow and pillow case, clean bathroom, […]

Josh Powell Husband of Missing Utah Mother Gives A Lame Story…Think He Did It???

January 8, 2010

Utah Mother,Susan M Powell,vanishes without a trace. Her husband,Josh Powell, gives this lame story of what happened above in the video. He said he took the kids on a midnight,20 below zero, sudden camping trip, and forgot what day it was. To his surprise, when he returned home, his wife had vanished, without a trace…but […]