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Republican-Tea Baggers Want To Continue To Give Huge Tax Breaks To Companies That Manufacture American Products Overseas,.. Simply Because President Obama Is Against It!!!

The issue is as simple as this…President Obama is campaigning for new tax laws designed to keep jobs in this country,America,and the Republican party wants to fight him on this, because their political lobbyist and donors make all their money by sending all of our American manufacturing jobs overseas, mainly to China.(Source)

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The U.S. unemployment rate is at 9.5 percent, because all of our jobs have been outsourced and sent overseas, and the republicans would like to increase that number to 100 percent unemployment, because that will mean that ALL of our manufacturing will be done cheaply overseas, undermining the very fabric of the United States of America.

Their goal is to break every citizen in America,as much as possible.

The President is fighting to promote  a slew of policy provisions aimed at increasing investment in small businesses, providing tax breaks for research and development, and tax incentives for clean energy manufacturing.(Source)

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The Republicans are fighting for the exact opposite, favoring to serve the wishes of their corporate controllers, no matter if the end result is 100% American unemployment, condemning our country and all of its citizens to live in a third world nation, just as long as a few of them, and their financiers, can live in luxury.

“For years, our tax code has actually given billions of dollars in tax breaks that encourage companies to create jobs and profits in other countries,” Obama said. “I want to close these tax loopholes.”

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Instead, “I want to give every business in America a tax break so they can write off the costs of all new equipment they buy next year,” the president said. “I want to make the research and experimentation tax credit permanent. And I want to provide a tax cut for clean energy manufacturing right here in America.”(Source)

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In the Republican address, U.S. Representative Mike Pence, of Indiana, said Congress should take immediate steps to extend current income-tax rates to remove doubts that are damaging the economy,which means that the Republican party wants to continue the practice of giving tax breaks to companies that take our jobs overseas.

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The GOP fighting viciously to take greater control of Washington,because they desperately want to send as many of our jobs overseas as humanly possible.

The Chinese government is already financing America during this Republican created recession, and I can only imagine, given the nature of kick backs, and under the table payoffs to the Republican party, that the GOP does not want the overseas party to end.(Source)

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It is already widely known that all of the political action committees ran by GOP strategist Karl Rove that are investing in this years GOP candidates and the Republican big business minded agenda, are being financed by the overseas governments that benefit from the Republican policies of rewarding US companies to send all of our manufacturing jobs overseas, to China,Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.(Source)

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…they have bought off the Republican politicians, and now they are trying to buy our government along with all of our American jobs!!!…Are you traditional Republican Tea Bagger voters going to allow this to happen???

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That is the main reason why they stacked the Supreme Court with their Republican judges, under the guise of their promise to overturn Roe versus Wade.(Source)

What they really aborted was the American manufacturing base, because they are being paid off by the foreign manufactures that they have given our jobs to.

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“We should give tax breaks to American small businesses and manufacturers,” the president said. “That’s how we’ll put our people back to work and lead the global economy.”(WSJ)

So…it’s very simple my fellow American citizen,…if you are against the President, and vote for a Republican TeaBagger, then you support our jobs being sent out of our country.

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If  you support President Obama and the Democrats, then you support the restoration of the American manufacturing base,and would like for the American worker to be able to become employed here in America, and you want to see America become economically strong once again.

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Are you for or against the American worker?…let me know…

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3 Responses to “Republican-Tea Baggers Want To Continue To Give Huge Tax Breaks To Companies That Manufacture American Products Overseas,.. Simply Because President Obama Is Against It!!!”

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  2. China alreasdy stole our green engineering and China is the only one with the minerals needed to make green products. That’s why the only answer is Fair Trade. Like the Chinese do to us, we must also implement 40 per cent tariff now. Otherwise, it is all over.

  3. Where’s the american people . This has been going on for years with republicans are you going to set back just because you are making it and demonizing others to fit your party. If we all do not stand together for what is right it will be your own fault. It is time to get rid of these type of people NOW!

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