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Brice Productions Character Development-Color Styling Character Designs

Here are 4 character designs of a group of multi-cultural children that were designed by the Julian Chaney/Jerry Brice animation collaboration. I like to work with Julian on animation projects because he is one of the only artist in this business that has the ability to collaborate,especially when it comes to the brothers. Unknown to a lot of the audience, I am aware of the fact that some African-American fellow animators in this business, either want to control the other black artist, or they try to blackball us out of the business. A lot of artist hate that there are other talented brothers out there, and try to act like  they do not exist, until they are forced to acknowledge their skill,probably by a non-African American artist. Can you say haters…

Newsflash, the majority of animated cartoons are the product of a massive collaboration between a large group of artist. Very rarely will one be designed by one person. This is the process at Pixar, as well as Disney. Collaborating will eliminate the need to misappropriate other artist work without their consent, which I have proven to be a ”policy” at many studios including the one’s mentioned above, without any compensation.Just hire the artist that you want to influence the designs, and make a business deal with them, sans the ego and excuses. At Brice Productions, I get it, and I also despise the rampant copyright infringement that is happening currently in this business. Just pay us, and you will not have to ever see me in court defeating your studio, as I have done in the California courts when I helped a fellow underground artist win his copyright case in court, against a powerful foe. All I am allowed to say is , we won, and call me if someone has stolen your creative property.

What is worse, you also do not get any credit for your plagiarised efforts.The general public does not care, because, it’s only cartoons we are talking about, but, from my experience in this business and in court, millions of dollars are at stake.

I do not want to be controlled, nor do I want to control anybody, over being the first, best, or ”top” black recognized by the ”popular” media, especially since there is no money in it.

Julian Chaney is the strongest artist in the animation business, and if anyone ask, like an unnamed current ”top Black” animator disrespectfully asked me when I recommended him for a position, tell them that I said it, and I stake my reputation on it. Become his Facebook friend, and you will see exactly what I am saying….No egos allowed!!!

…and that’s No Joke!!!

Brice Productions reserves all rights to these designs for Jerry Brice and Julian Chaney….

By Jerry Brice/Julian Chaney

By Jerry Brice/Julian Chaney

By Jerry Brice/Julian Chaney

By Jerry Brice/Julian Chaney

By Jerry Brice/Julian Chaney

By Jerry Brice/Julian Chaney

By Jerry Brice/Julian Chaney

By Jerry Brice/Julian Chaney

This was all written by me, so forward your responses to me, not anyone mentioned above…

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