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More New Cartoons…Harriet and Lancelot…a callabo

October 20, 2009

Here are two characters that were designed by Me and Julian Chaney from Parker Simmons concept artwork. I attribute the success of the design to the initial work done by Parker Simmons, who pretty much nailed it for us in his inspirational designs. Julian took it even further, and I put it all the […]

Brice Productions Character Development-Color Styling Character Designs

October 8, 2009

Here are 4 character designs of a group of multi-cultural children that were designed by the Julian Chaney/Jerry Brice animation collaboration. I like to work with Julian on animation projects because he is one of the only artist in this business that has the ability to collaborate,especially when it comes to the brothers. Unknown to […]

International Elephants Cartoon Character Designed by Brice Productions

October 1, 2009

I designed a series of animal characters to reflect the culture of some of the humans in their home country, through their character design, dress, ornaments, and personality. These were a part of a presentation for an animated children’s series, that went unproduced by the BBC. The colors were done by Julian Chaney, Parker Simmons […]