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Please Ban Jon and Kate Gosselin From T.V….She is Now a Comedian?

Stupid Mom Tricks

Stupid Mom Tricks

What was Kate Gosselin doing on Jay Leno last night, participating in a comedy sketch about how much of a controlling, disrespectful wife/mom she can be. That is how she became famous, yelling and henpecking Jon, as well as cranking out 8 babies.

My suggestion is that Jon and Kate need to be banned off of T.V. for inappropriate, and damaging behaviour between each other, and ultimately their children. Nancy Grace tried to tell the two of you, but I know they love the glare and attention from the press.

They are trading in fame, for infamy. I just do not get it….

2 Responses to “Please Ban Jon and Kate Gosselin From T.V….She is Now a Comedian?”

  1. Yeah I hear ya on that Jerry.
    It is amazing what people do for fame or money. Just wait and watch, they will regret it once their kids are older enough, and then begin questioning them. I guess it makes me feel bad for the kids really, what do they know? You know?

  2. Hahah, I agree with you Jerry. Luckily for me I don’t watch t.v. I’m hoping that by not being on T.V. they wont be in all the magazines at the grocery store. I mean save that for the hot women getting busted going out clubbing. None wants to see these guys.

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