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Jennifer Hudson Releases Pics Of Her New Little Baby

Jennifer's Joy

Jennifer's Joy

The talented singer, actress, and Academy Award winner, Jennifer Hudson and reality star husband,David Otunga, have just released the first pictures of their new little bundle of joy. He is a boy, and very healthy.

Jennifer and David have brought into the world, what I see as a future star.

Congratulations on the new baby, and enjoy the years to come that you will have to play with him.

In this article from People magazine, she sounds very happy about her new arrival-,,20309152,00.html

3 Responses to “Jennifer Hudson Releases Pics Of Her New Little Baby”

  1. What a sweet Baby ..Enjoy the years as Baby grows .They go by wayyyyy to fast .Cute little fellow .Best wishes Jennifer Elvira

  2. well he is a very nice looking baby he looks so much like you and we all thought you were hiding him like one big lie but were so happy for you good luck jennifer girl

  3. Wow.he is so nice and cute,enjoy the litte bundle of joy.and more importantly all the steps he will pass as he grows.Best wishes for all of u.Enjoy…

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