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Out-of-control Van Kills Hempstead,N.Y. Woman Mowing Her Lawn

A woman in her 60s is dead, after she was run over by an out-of-control van on Long Island. Witnesses say the woman was outside — mowing her lawn when the van jumped the curb and ran her over.

The van was driven by an 18-year-old girl who was high on illegal narcotics. Police have charged 18-year-old Kayla Gerdes of Freeport with 2nd degree manslaughter and other charges. Police say Gerdes was driving without a license and was under the influence of drugs during the fatal crash.

It is being reported that Kayla was high on Oxycontin.

Nassau County Det. Sgt. John DeMartinis said Gerdes “lost control of the van” after telling her friend, who was driving, to hand over the wheel because he was driving too slowly and she was running late for a court appearance.

“Leave me alone,” she lashed out on her way to her arraignment. “I’m so sorry. It was a mistake. I didn’t mean to do it. The car went out of control and I was pressing the brake and it wouldn’t go. I’m sorry.“(SOURCE)

The victim,Rebecca Twine-Wright,69, a retired doctor, was dragged underneath the vehicle and died at the scene.(SOURCE)

…Yet another clear example of why you should never drink,drug, and drive!!!!…you are not in control of your actions at that time, but you are responsible for all your actions after you choose to get drugged up and drive.No excuses…it is simply a case of murder!!!

Hempsted Woman hit by car while mowing her lawn!!!

Hempstead Woman hit by car while mowing her lawn!!!

Read the full story here….

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