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Arrest in Medical Waste Shipments of Heads, Torsos Donated For Medical Research…Returned To Sender!!!

Not too much to say about this story other than…you can’t make this stuff up!!!! Here’s a story to consider when you fill out the DMV card authorizing donating your body to medical research after you pass away.

Paul Montano of Bio-Care suspected for fraud in body parts disposal scandal.

Paul Montano of Bio-Care suspected for fraud in body parts disposal scandal.

Authorities are investigating the  New Mexico company Bio-Care that was supposed to have donated the organs in the bodies to science and had the remains cremated. The owner of the Albuquerque company, Paul Montano,31, was arrested Thursday.

The heads of the donated bodies were to be cremated with the remains of the body, and returned to their loved ones.

His crime was for sending sealed plastic bags containing the heads and body parts. The body’s were apparently unceremoniously dismembered with a chainsaw or other coarse cutting instruments – and were found last week in 12 large red plastic tubs inside a delivery truck at a Stericycle Inc. facility in Kansas City, Kan. The tubs had shipping labels from The Learning Center, which is affiliated with Bio Care.

Stericycle, based outside Chicago, disposes of medical waste but not major body parts,declined to comment on the case, but one of its employees tipped off police several weeks ago after discovering a partially burned head and torso.

There are no laws specifying what ultimately happens to bodies donated for science in Kansas or New Mexico, experts say, but burning them as medical waste is very rare.

Several of the discarded heads have been identified and the families will eventually get custody of their deceased loved ones remains.

News about this body parts case has raised concerns that people may now be even more hesitant to donate their bodies for medical research, especially if they are going to be unceremoniously dismembered,desecrated,and sold piece by piece for profit!!!

Cases like this gruesome crime,certainly do not help out the dead body parts donation business…

Are you planning on donating your body to medical research???…I guess someone has to do it,so the body handlers should at least handle the merchandise with care.

This is not the first time a body parts company has been investigated for mishandling of body parts in their custody. Last year,a cryogenics company in Scottsdale,Arizona was accused of using baseball legend Ted Williams frozen head as a baseball in a pick-up game at their offices parking lot!!!(SOURCE)


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Read the full story here…


Washington Post


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