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Disney World Tour Bus Kills Chase Brubaker,9,…While Riding A Bike!!!

Chase Brubaker killed by Disney tour bus!!!!

Chase Brubaker killed by Disney tour bus!!!!

Yesterday was a sad day at what is usually the “happiest place on earth”,…Disney World, as a terrible tragedy happened there,pitting a tour bus against a 9 or 10-year-old boy, in a traffic accident.

Chase Brubaker of St. Petersburg,Florida died Thursday when his bicycle drifted off the sidewalk where he was riding and struck the side of the tour bus.The child was then pulled under the right rear tire. He was pronounced dead at the scene.(SOURCE)

Tour Bus tires...

Tour Bus tires...

The bus was carrying 28 people, none of which were injured,but all were very traumatized to have witnessed the death of the young man.The tour bus driver has been checked for impaired driving, and has been totally cleared of any wrong doing.

The family of Chase is blaming the bus driver and Disney for the death of their son. An 11 year-old female friend that was with Chase when he was hit, says that they were on the side-walk when Chase was struck by the bus.This is in direct conflict with the findings of the Florida Highway patrol’s preliminary investigation.

A 911 call for help after the crash reveals that first responders declared that the boy was …”beyond help”….and that he was dead.(SOURCE)

Disney World has a great track record when it comes to safety, but no amusement park operation is perfect.Things sometimes do happen,but their record is better than most companies in their business.(SOURCE)

This is just a terrible and unfortunate traffic accident…I send my condolences.

This is the third bus-related incident at Disney in six months. Last week, one bus rear-ended a second bus near Epcot, sending eight people to area hospitals. Seven injuries were minor, one was serious.

Walt Disney World President Meg Crofton confronted the news cameras and personally expressed her sympathy for the boy’s family. The resort also sent out a statement from Crofton.

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  1. Hi I don’t think the bus driver did anything wrong in facxt kids don’t pay close attention to how they ride their bikes either and they have a bad habit of going all over the place first they are on side walks and then in the road.. Besides that the state patrol should know and there were 28 witnesses on the bus who saw it all..

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