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San Diego Baseball Legend Ted Williams Frozen Head Used For Baseball Practice

Ted Williams

Ted Williams

San Diego native son, baseball legend Ted Williams frozen head, has been reportedly used as a baseball during staff batting practice at cryogenics facility, Alcor Life Extension foundation, in Scottsdale,Arizona. The report is coming from former Alcor executive Larry Johnson in his new book ”Frozen”. Here is a quote from the book by Johnson, chronicling the mayhem and mutilation at the facility,on Mr. Williams frozen body:

…”Johnson writes that in July 2002, shortly after the Red Sox slugger died at age 83, technicians with no medical certification gleefully photographed and used crude equipment to decapitate the majors’ last .400 hitter.

Williams’ severed head was then frozen, and even used for batting practice by a technician trying to dislodge it from a tuna fish can”…

Ted Williams attended Hoover High school in San Diego, played on the Padres in the late 30’s when they were a minor league team, and his family lived there in North Park on Utah street. He went on to make history as a member of the Boston Red Sox, as the greatest hitter of all time, and to serve as a coach as well.

For decades he has been held up and memorialized respectfully in San Diego, and appropriately used as a shining example of what a kid from San Diego can achieve on the world stage, and he has been honored as a champion should be.

Upon his death, his son John-Henry produced a will that stated that Ted Williams had agreed to have his body frozen in order for it to be available for ”thawing-out” in the future ,and quite possibly brought back to life when a cure is found, so he could be reunited with his family in ,life  again.The validity of the will was contested, John-Henry was vilified, and coincidentally, he died of Leukemia in 2004, and his body was frozen at Alcor, as well.

 The book ”Frozen”  by Larry Johnson, is out now, published by Vanguard Press.

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  1. […] This is not the first time a body parts company has been investigated for mishandling of body parts in their custody. Last year,a cryogenics company in Scottsdale,Arizona was accused of using baseball legend Ted Williams frozen head as a baseball in a pick-up game at their offices parking lot!!!(SOURCE) […]

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