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Dash-Cam Video Of Winston The ‘Mad-Dog’ Attacking A Police Cruiser!!!!…

The AP has posted the police cruiser dash-cam video of Winston the Mad Dog of Chattanooga, Tennessee, attacking  the bumper of a police cruiser, as reported here a few weeks ago.

Winston on the attack!!!

Winston on the attack!!!

Thursday, a judge released the dog from a shelter on “good behavior” and returned him to his owners. By all reports, Winston has calmed down, and is happy to be back home.

Winston’s owners Michael and Nancy Emerling were in Judge Sherry Paty’s court to ask that the two-year old boxer-pit bull mix be allowed to come home. The judge warned them that Winston will need obedience training and be required to carry a special tag designating him as possibly dangerous. (SOURCE)

It is still a mystery as to ‘why’ Winston attacked the police car, and exactly what set him off.

The Emerling’s must secure his fence and take Winston to obedience classes.  The case will be passed for six months and if there are no other incidents and Winston continues to be a good doggy, Winston’s case will be dismissed.

In this case, the police force of Chattanooga,Tennessee,should be commended for maintaining their professionalism and not using an excessive amount of force to restrain and stop Winston….Hopefully, some of that good will shall be extended to the public at large, with humans of ALL races, throughout the cities,counties , and towns that make up the United States of America.

Pit Bull Terrier Mix like Winston....Out On Parole

Pit Bull Terrier Mix like Winston....Out On Parole

Good luck on parole Winston!!!!…don’t get violated…


3 Responses to “Dash-Cam Video Of Winston The ‘Mad-Dog’ Attacking A Police Cruiser!!!!…”

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  2. That cruiser wasn’t a Toyota by any chance. Can’t blame winston if he thought so! After all he is only a dog!!

  3. Sadly, this is just the latest in the string of desperate measures that people (and now animals) are forced to take as a result of today’s struggling economy.

    Can’t anyone see, all these dogs wanted was the opportunity to serve as part of the K-9 Task Force ??

    These poor pooches don’t need any ‘obedience training’.. ..they need ‘Canine Bootcamp’ !!

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