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Convicted Wife-Killer,Henry Lisowski, 69,Found Dead In Vista,Ca. Jail…He Killed Her Over Child Support!!!!!

Justice has finally come for Rosa Lisowski...may she now rest in peace.

Justice has finally come for Rosa Lisowski...may she now rest in peace.

The  notoriously disturbing case of convicted wife killer Henry Lisowski,69, has come to a sudden and unexpected ending yesterday, as the elderly convicted killer was found dead in his cell at the Vista County Jail cell.

Henry Lisowski was convicted on March 2nd, for the first degree murder of his estranged wifeRosa Lisowski,50. There was also a special circumstances allegation of murder for financial gain.

He had threatened to kill her several times over having to pay child support, and she mysteriously disappeared March 2008, a week before Henry had been ordered to pay her child support for their minor child.(SOURCE)

She was last seen walking her son to school, and has not been seen since.

The local NBC news station reports that…

The victim’s divorce attorney, Laura Miller, testified during a preliminary hearing that her client went to court to get custody of her four children, two by the defendant, and to make her estranged husband pay child support. Miller’s paralegal, Treva Cutts, testified Rosa told her Lisowski offered to pay her $50,000 if she dropped the custody case and fired Miller.

Cutts also said Rosa told her Lisowski repeatedly threatened her, saying he would hire someone to kill her and he would go to jail and she would be dead, leaving the children without a mother or father.(SOURCE)

Many that attended the initial custody court case have stated that Henry Lisowski was verbally threatening to kill his wife Rosa, in Family Court,which disturbed some of those in attendance.It was not taken notice of, because many people who participate in Family Court matters are emotionally distraught over the destruction of their family, but some of the attendees have reported to me that the threats and demeanor of Henry Lisowski was unusually extreme, and frightening.

Medical examiner’s officials said 69-year-old Henry Lisowski’s body was discovered early Wednesday. The cause of death and details about the notes have not been released, but by all appearances, it looks like a suicide.

Who knows…maybe an inmate that felt bad for Rosa and her children killed him?

Fellow inmates found his body about 4 a.m. after he failed to get up for breakfast, sheriff’s Sgt. Roy Frank said.(SOURCE)[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=jail+cell&iid=3582355″ src=”1/f/1/9/cd.jpg?adImageId=11726350&imageId=3582355″ width=”234″ height=”349″ /]

Henry Lisowski was in protective custody with all the other cowards and child molesters , because he was under apparent danger from the other inmates.

Lisowski told the police that he had put his wife’s body in the trash after she accidentally fell and hit her head while they were arguing outside his house. He was due

back in court in April to hear what his sentence would be.

Unfortunetly, the people will not get the opportunity to bring this man to justice,since he has taken it upon himself to administer the ultimate justice by his own hands, pending investigation.

Either way,I hope they throw his body in the trash unceremoniously,because that is what he deserves@!!!..I mean, how much money was he going to have to pay to care for his children anyway? It was not like he was a billionaire or any where near it, so…Henry had a control issue with his wife, and when he lost control of his wife-slave…he killed her.


Henry did not want to pay child support ...

A Coward to the end...Wife Killer Henry Lisowski.

The sad part of this whole story is that the children have now lost both parents, over nothing but ego…

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