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Grandma Pimps Out Her 10 Year Old Grand Daughter For SEX …To Support Her Crack Habit!!!!….Truly Human Trash!!!!

Thank God for Nancy Grace!!!...she is a defending angel for all the murdered,missing, kidnapped, exploited and abused children here in America. Last night on her show on CNN,she brought light to this horrendous story chronicled in the video, of unimaginable child abuse, sexual molestation and basic human brutality and the ultimate betrayal of trust.

Mans inhumanity to man has truly hit a new all time low…a grandmother selling her female grandchild for sex and crack cocaine is such an extreme level of abuse,it is challenging not to become vengeful!

What level of damage could have happened to this grandmother to bring her to such a low-level in her life, where she is devoid of basic human love and compassion for her own flesh and blood.?…Whatever the case may be,there is nothing that she can say to ever rationalize what she has done to her grandchildren.

Angela Blackwell pimped out granddaughter to support crack habit.

Angela Blackwell pimped out granddaughter to support crack habit.

Police in Saginaw, Michigan say a 45-year-old woman with a cocaine habit let an elderly man have sex with a 10-year-old girl,her granddaughter, getting the drug in exchange.

Police arrested Angela Blackwell on charges that she allowed 67-year-old Johnnie Griffin have sex with a 10-year-old girl in her care in exchange for cocaine. Police are still searching for Griffin. If convicted they could each spend up to 25 years in prison.(SOURCE)

Angela A. Blackwell,who last lived at 1410 S. Center, Apt. 4, of Saginaw Township is charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct and pandering.

Police are searching for Johnnie L. Griffin , who last lived at 2517 Owen, on first and second-degree criminal sexual conduct and one count of second-degree criminal sexual conduct with a person under 13 ,as well as firearms charges.

He is on the run from the police, and should be considered armed and dangerous.

Reports are that the granddaughter would visit Blackwell on weekends, and Blackwell would bring her to Griffin’s home, where, in exchange for cocaine or other narcotics, Griffin would be allowed to sexually assault the granddaughter. The first assault took place in September and last assault was in February.(SOURCE)

This case of betrayal of a child’s sacred trust in a mother, and a grandmother, and being forced into child prostitution by that mother and grandmother to pay to support her cocaine habit,is reminiscent of the Shaniya Davis murder, at the hands of her terrible crack addled mother Antoinette Davis and her pedophile cocaine dealer Mario McNeill. Unlike Shaniya,the child in Saginaw was not murdered by her adult sexual molester, and lived to tell the proper authorities, and get these criminals off the street.(VIDEO)

Unfortunately, Shaniya’s murderer and mom, has recently and surprisingly been let out on bail while awaiting her trial…allowing her the possibility to victimize another child,and it will probably one of her own children yet again.She was probably doing the crack while she watched her daughter get sodomized, and murdered by her crack dealer Mario McNeill.(SOURCE)

….We must come up with a special category of punishment for this type of crime,and the perpetrators should never be allowed to be released into society to do their evil deeds ever again.

Angela Blackwell ,Johnnie L. Griffin,Antoinette Davis,and Mario McNeill are human trash, and need to be relegated to the trash compactor because they have in my eyes, forfeited their lives over pedophilia,child murder and molestation,and have nothing valuable to offer society.

The Child Molester Johnnie Lee Griffin

The Child Molester Johnnie Lee Griffin

Let’s keep an eye on these criminals and enemies to children,and get them off the streets, permanently!!!



Washington Post

2 Responses to “Grandma Pimps Out Her 10 Year Old Grand Daughter For SEX …To Support Her Crack Habit!!!!….Truly Human Trash!!!!”

  1. Another sickening episode…the blessing in this case is the young girl lived and was able to reveal. Unfortunately, she will never be the same without counseling. Her trust in her grandmother is down the drain, rightfully so. Poor little Shaniya N. Davis. Scum, scum, scum.

  2. i try hard to control my violent streak, and i largely succeed…but this shit really does make the old red mist decend.

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