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One Killed In OSU Shooting,Two Wounded And No Students Were Injured!!!

A shooting has occurred at one of the nation’s largest universities in Columbus,Ohio., all due to a staff member at the campus receiving a bad work evaluation.

Can you say …over reaction?!?

A new Ohio State University custodial employee who received a bad job evaluation shot two co-workers in a campus maintenance building, killing one of them, and then fatally shot himself, officials said Tuesday.

Nathaniel Brown,had only worked there since October, and according to campus Police Chief Paul Denton, said Brown recently received a poor performance evaluation, though he declined to say whether that was the motive.

Larry Wallington, 48, a building services manager at the OSU Maintenance Building, was pronounced dead at the scene of the 3:30 a.m. ET shooting, Ohio State University Police Chief Paul Denton said. Wallington was a 10-year university employee, he said.

Authorities found suspect Nathaniel Brown, 51, a custodial worker, suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot at the scene, Denton said. He was transported to the Ohio State University Medical Center, where he was dead on arrival.(CNN)

Henry Butler, 60, an operations shift leader,who was also shot, was taken to OSU Medical Center, where his condition is stable.

About six employees were in the building at the time of the shooting, but no one else was hurt, and none of the employees were students.

This is one of those crimes that is impossible to predict, and hard to prevent.The warning signs, if there were any given, are usually only recognized after the crime has been committed.

We all must remember, we are worth a lot more than just a job,which does not diminish the importance of the job for survival,…but your life, and the life of others around you, are priceless, and worth more than any job imaginable!

Ohio State Shooting!!!

Ohio State Shooting!!!

Read the full story here…

The Columbus Dispatch

Herald Sun

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