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Imogene Jackson’s Dead Body Mixed-up By Colorado Mortuary

Imogene Jackson's remains mixed-up at mortuary in Clorado

Imogene Jackson's remains mixed-up at mortuary in Colorado

Imagine this…your mother has died suddenly, and you make arrangements for her funeral celebration and her burial, with a trusted mortuary.The mortuary picks up the body, and you and your family leave to make all the arrangements and communications with family and friends.

A few days later, usually a week, your family arrives at the mortuary to have a wake- and to view the body for the first time since the loved one passed away…AND…upon looking down into the casket, you see someone else lying there with your mothers clothes on!!!

I can nor imagine this scenario, but it has happened this week to the family of the late Imogene Jackson.

Mrs Jackson died last week, and when her family arrived Friday at the mortuary for a viewing of her body,they found out that they were not looking at Imogene, but it was someone they did not know!

The viewing was immediately cancelled, and the family bickered with the funeral director for many hours trying to figure out what happened to her body.

The Funeral directors spent hours trying to convince the family that what they were looking at was Imogene, but they were not buying it, because she looked nothing like their mother. reports on what happened next…

About two hours before the funeral was to begin Saturday, the family was asked to come back to the mortuary and view a body. It was Imogene. But what happened to her or where she was over the previous 16 hours, they still can’t say.

Family members say Imogene’s hair was shaved off. They say she was mixed up with someone who was to be cremated–which might have happened if they had not seen the mix-up Friday night…

By all reports the service was attended by hundreds of people, and the family stated that they gave Imogene a beautiful, well deserved and honorable memorial service, as she was much-loved by many in her community. Imogene Jackson had for 41 years, headed up the Colorado Starlites Drum and Bugle Corp.

The name of the Mortuary in question is the Pipkin Mortuary at 2531 Ogden Street in Denver ,…take note of this case if you may need the service of a mortician and mortuary in Denver, Colorado.

By all accounts, the family was shocked, and traumatized by the mix-up.

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