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Heartless Texas Power Company Threatens to Pull the Plug On Stage 4 Black Cancer Patient and she May Die!!!

Life Support Cut of By Power Company Deadly Healthcare

Life Support Cut of By Power Company Deadly Healthcare

Another possible victim of the neocon Republican backed broken healthcare system has come to light in the media today, as a African American women, Mable Randon, who is suffering through the final stages of a stage 4 terminal cancer battle, her husband’s on unemployment and it is running out, due to the failed Cheney/Bush economic disaster, and an insurance company that has drained her financial resources as she fights to make them maintain her coverage she so desperately needs, and now, to top it of, the power company has threatened to shut off her power, due to one late payment on a bill.

This would be a death sentence to the patient, Mable Randon, given that her life is currently sustained by the aid of a breathing machine that is plugged in to the wall.

No power, no life…it’s as simple as that.

How heartless can they be?

Compassion, and kindness to our fellow man has totally been thrown away for the Glen Beck/Limbaugh fueled hatred towards the afflicted class, in preference of our speedy death, due to circumstances and lack of resources.

Mable Randon brought this to the media today, because she was desperate for help. The power was due to be cut off today, and if she can not breath, she can not live.

“I’m on a set income,” she told KHOU. “My husband lost his job. He finds a little work every now and then, but it’s hard.”

She applied to Center Point Energy’s Critical Care Program which helps maintain service for people who depend on electric-powered life support systems, but she was rejected.

“I’m fighting for my life and I thought people at the power company would help me,” said Mable Randon, who’s confined to a wheelchair and an electrically powered oxygen machine.

Randon received a cutoff notice from her energy company, Freedom Power, after falling behind on her bills…

Lets all come together and assist this precious sister in her fight for survival. Remember, this could be any one of us, and this would please the GOP, and the supporters of the Republican party.

This is why they want to stop us from receiving Healthcare….so we can die young from preventable diseases.

4 Responses to “Heartless Texas Power Company Threatens to Pull the Plug On Stage 4 Black Cancer Patient and she May Die!!!”

  1. this is my aunt that has stage four cancer. mable randon. she is a houston residen, loving mother, proud grandmother and she doesnt deserve to get her power cut off she has a great family that loves her very much and no one should want to take that from anyone…..aunt mable we miss you and love you very much and dont want you to go so soon love ya,
    deja,jean,jessica,lydia,gilbert,kavion,keelan,our newest family member, kaitlin

    • Thanks for this moving comment.
      I, along with my whole family are praying for Mrs Randon, and tell her that she has all of blessings out here from the west coast.
      If she is accepting donations, or some sort of assistance, write back and let my readers know, as well as myself.

      I wish you and your whole family well, and just know that your aunt is not going to fight this alone…

  2. Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

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