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Controversial Michelle Obama Doll Causes Furor In The Republican Ranks. Is It an Attempt to Indoctrinate White and Black Girls to Play with Black Dolls?

Michele Is A Doll

Michele Is A Doll

Over the years, there have been many studies conducted by researchers to find out why black children prefer to play with white dolls over a black doll.

“A Girl Like Me,” a short documentary made by 17-year-old Kiri Davis, was inspired by studies done previous to Brown vs. Board of Education, the landmark Supreme Court decision that ended de jure segregation in America.

In that study, black children tended to prefer white dolls over black dolls, leading analysts to conclude that they were internalizing their second-class’ status,believing themselves to be inferior.

This is further substantiated by the African American Christians refusal to even consider that Jesus was black, even though it is the most likely reality. They self hatred has been internalized into our very D.N.A.
Davis repeats the experiment 50 years later to distressing results.

Black children to this day still prefer white dolls over black dolls.

It is openly said in schools, TV, your own family, the job market: Whiteness is beautiful and directly related to intelligence and success. To be black is to be ugly, to be dumb, to be what your nation wants to hide, to be the “other”.

This breaks my heart because the media that I love and work in is the primary reason for this. Cartoons, animation and toy designs have been historically used to lower our self esteem, and have made a mockery of our features, likeness, and culture.

Blacks choose white friends for all the wrong reasons and are willing to endure mockery and humiliations with a smile because you are “with the right people”, looking desperately for a white boyfriend or girlfriend because you want to “improve your race” even if there is no love in the relationship and you have to act subserviently with your white companion, try joining political and social organizations that are identified with whites just to show them you can be as good as they are, like all the African-Americans that choose to be in the Republican Party, most notably, Michael Steele.

Michael Steele is selling out his race and his manhood to please his masters, to the detriment of all races of American people.

Today, the neocons led by Michael Steele have issued their displeasure with the release by Jailbreak Toys, of a Michele Obama Action Figure doll, designed to go along with their widely succesful President Barack Obama doll.They have sold hundreds of thousands of the President’s doll, so they wanted to give all the little girls something to play with, as well as be proud of.

Michele Obama is a much loved and respected figure of motherhood and compassion, revered throughout the world. The only detractors are those that are determined to turn back civil rights, and equal justice for all citizens, including the much maligned African American race.

The GOP views it as a mental indoctrination of their children into the beliefs of the President, and his wife. They are sure that this is just one more step into some sort of dictatorship, or whatever, that they have yet to substantiate, but have continued to promote.

Their failures speak for themselves, this is basically crazy…but true.

God forbid if a little white child finds pleasure in playing with the Michele doll. I guess that would lead to the end of the world.

Just imagine the positive impact that a doll-like this could have on the self image of our African American children.If these studies are accurate, then they point out a pervasive weakness in the mentality of our people, and it seems to start between the ages of 1 to 5.

Our children see that we are minimized in this society, and we should be ashamed to allow them to see that. We must take our strength and resist asking any outside force to give us anything.Taking control of our self esteem, as well as the messages that our children take to heart about themselves is our responsibility.

I understand  why they want us to hate our own skin, it’s just that I can not understand why we allow it to continue to work on our children.

My little baby cousins love to play with dolls, mainly the Little Mermaid ones, and this year Disney will be releasing a movie that features their first African American Princess. Will they request the black Disney Princess doll, even if he movie looks cheaply made and of substandard quality to the likes of ”Cloudy With A Chance of Meatball” and the hits put out by Pixar/Disney in the recent past?

If this self hatred and rejection of black dolls,via the Michele Obama doll can happen, then what fate lies ahead for the movie ”The Princess and he Fog”, and will they have to offer a white version of the lead character in oder to sell the merchandising that will follow the release of the movie?

Black girls still reject black dolls, fifty years after it was first investigated. We need to change this, now.

View the Michele doll here-,0,6431949.story

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