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American Hero Elizabeth Edwards,61, Dies Today Losing Her Courageous Battle Against Breast Cancer…She Was A Popular Political Icon Wed To A Terrible Lying Husband…

December 7, 2010

Less than a day after releasing a statement announcing to the world that she was in the final stages of her mortal battle with cancer, and that any further treatment would be futile, Elizabeth Edwards lost her life and her long battle with breast cancer, and succumbed today at the age of 61.(Source) (Learn more […]

Heartless Texas Power Company Threatens to Pull the Plug On Stage 4 Black Cancer Patient and she May Die!!!

October 14, 2009

Another possible victim of the neocon Republican backed broken healthcare system has come to light in the media today, as a African American women, Mable Randon, who is suffering through the final stages of a stage 4 terminal cancer battle, her husband’s on unemployment and it is running out, due to the failed Cheney/Bush economic disaster, and […]