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Is This ‘Darth Vader’ Robber The World’s Dumbest Criminal?!?…You Be The Judge!(VIDEO)

The Ferndale,Michigan police have arrested a 41-year-old man that they have dubbed “The World’s Dumbest Criminal” because of an armed robbery he committed with a knife at a convenience “stop and rob’ store while wearing a Darth Vader mask to conceal his identity.(Perez)

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The actual name of the store that was robbed is the Get ‘N Go Market, 3366 Hilton near 10 Mile in Ferndale, and the police investigators solved the case in record time, less than two days after the robbery,…because of one major flaw in the criminal genius’ dastardly plan…

…the idiot put on the mask in full view of the surveillance cameras, so his identity was clearly recorded for all the world to see!?!(SOURCE)

Ferndale,Michigan Darth Vader robber caught without mask on security camera...FAIL!!!

Ferndale,Michigan Darth Vader robber caught without mask on security camera...FAIL!!!

That kind of negates the whole concealment effort attempted by the thief,but it does put him in the running for the world’s dumbest criminal title, and he will probably be featured on the popular syndicated T.V. series “The World’s Dumbest Criminals’!…so that is a profound accomplishment.(WIKI)

All the police did to apprehend this robber,…after they stopped laughing of course, was to capture a clear single shot of the goatee wearing robber, put him on a flier, and distributed it throughout the Ferndale community, and featured him on the local news programs.

I am running it here, because you can’t make this stuff up.

No light sabers were used in the robbery,  but a witness said he may have uttered the phrase…may the force be with you… but in this case, the force he received was the entire Ferndale,Michigan police force!

The clerk did not want to go on camera, but said he was shocked when he saw this man put on the Darth Vader mask and proceed to rob him.

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He recognized him as a good customer and couldn’t believe he was coming at him in that mask with a knife….in fact he initially thought it might be some sort of prank.

He has been identified as Jamie Carlos Hernandez, and he will be arraigned today at 2pm.

Is he the world's dumbest criminal???

Jamie Carlos Hernandez...the Ferndale,Michigan Darth Vader Robber.

Looks like the criminal master minds of the world seem to find the Darth Vader disguise as an effective mask to rob businesses in.

Apparently, he was inspired by this past July’s Long Island Darth Vader bank robber, who is still at large.

The Long Island Darth Vader robber held up a Setauket Chase Bank branch there , and made off with an undisclosed amount of money, but he had on the full costume and used a gun in the commission of his robbery, unlike the idiot in Ferndale.

But, even with the full costume and gun,he still had to tell the customers and tellers that this was not a joke, and that he was actually there to really rob them, because they all reportedly burst out in laughter when he entered the bank.(SOURCE)

Check out the video of the Long Island Darth Vader here (LINK)

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I am not disrespecting the fact that a serious crime was committed in Long Island and Ferndale, and I am sure the victims are still traumatized by it,…but you have to admit, it is kind of interestingly bizarre.

In the case of the Ferndale bandit police are reporting that he put up no resistance when he was arrested, but the Long Island Vader bandit is still at large.

Anyone with information pertaining to the crime or suspect is asked to call 1-800-220-TIPS…and may the force be with you!!!

Long Beach Darth Vader Bandit is still at large...

Long Beach Darth Vader Bandit is still at large...

To laugh more at the Worlds Dumbest Darth Vader bandit,follow these links…


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