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Emmet Trapp,2 Year-Old Missing Toddler,Found Dead…Sylar Newton,2, Is Presumed To Be Dead…Are Toddlers In Phoenix Being Targeted???

Two 2-year olds have gone missing in the Phoenix,Arizona(County) area within the last two weeks,and now many are speculating as to whether the two disappearances are related , and is there some mad man running around kidnapping little boys,or is it just a coincidence.(Nancy Grace)

Police have stated that it is rare that you get two similar mysterious disappearances of two 2 year-olds within the same general area.The citizens of Phoenix are frightened.

Sylar Newton,2,missing and presumed to be dead in Phoenix,Arizona.

Sylar Newton,2,missing and presumed to be dead in Phoenix,Arizona.

Sylar Newton, a 2-year-old who was reported missing July 25 while camping in Rimrock with his soon-to-be adoptive parents,is now suspected to be a homicide, and the police have switched their investigation from a rescue mission,sadly, to a recovery mission.

Today comes news of the disappearance of Emmet Trapp, who is also 2 years old, and lives in a county close to Phoenix,Arizona.

On Monday evening Emmett Trapp fell asleep in his family’s Arizona home. When his mother awoke around 8 p.m., the little boy was nowhere to be found.

Search teams have been utilizing helicopters along with dog units.(CBS)

Emmett Trapp and Sylar Newton of phoenix,Arizona...victims of human brutality.

Emmett Trapp and Sylar Newton of phoenix,Arizona...victims of human brutality.

Unfortunetly, Emmett Trapp was found dead today,according to the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office.(VIDEO)

CNN is reporting that….The body of Emmett Trapp was found by search and rescue personnel at 11:30 a.m. about one mile from his home.

The site where his body was found is being treated as a crime scene, which the sheriff’s office described as “common protocol.” The office declined to provide further details.

Emmett was the second 2-year-old boy to go missing from Yavapai County in 10 days.(CNN)

The authorities believe that the death of Emmett Trapp is unrelated to the assumed murder and kidnapping of missing Sylar Newton, but until both cases are thoroughly investigated,the facts of the case are up for speculation.

Steve Waugh,Yavapai County Sheriff

Steve Waugh,Yavapai County Sheriff

This is truly a sad day in Phoenix, Arizona,…as well as the rest of America…this is a devastating development in this story.Our hearts go out to both of the families of these two young men.

Prescott Valley police say Emmitt Trapp was found around 11:30 a.m. by search and rescue personnel approximately one mile from his home in Dewey-Humboldt.(MSNBC)

He was reported to be wearing only pajamas when he wandered away out of the house with the family dog. his mom says she took a short nap, and when she woke up, Emmett was gone.

All I can say is that it is not safe to leave a small child unattended for any amount of time. That is very careless!

Emmett Trapp lived at his home in the 1800 block of Lavender Sage Road.

Our searchers are heartbroken as you can imagine,” Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Dwight D’Evelyn said at the scene. “Our prayers go out to the Trapp family.“(Source)

Official Badge of the heroic Yavapai Co. Sheriff department.

Official Badge of the heroic Yavapai Co. Sheriff department.

“We are just devastated by the loss of this little boy,” D’Evelyn said. “As a parent, hug your children closer.”…that’s a good idea, and some much-needed advice.

No further details are being released at this time.

Yavapai County Sheriff Steve Waugh declined to name any persons of interest in the criminal investigation into Sylar Newton’s disappearance, but authorities are looking into custodial issues involving the boy’s adoptive family and his biological mother.(CBS)

Anyone with information about Emmett or Sylar is urged to contact the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office at 928-771-3260.

Emmett Trapp,2,found dead two days after he allegedly wandered away from his house.

Emmett Trapp,2,found dead two days after he allegedly wandered away from his house.

For more on this tragic breaking, and developing story…

Verde Independent

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13 Responses to “Emmet Trapp,2 Year-Old Missing Toddler,Found Dead…Sylar Newton,2, Is Presumed To Be Dead…Are Toddlers In Phoenix Being Targeted???”

  1. I believe the investigating team should see if Emmet had any signs of physical abuse. They should also look for evidence of cuts and scratches on the childs feet and torso because the area in which he supposedly traveled would clearly show that an adult would have sustained multiple scratches from the brush not to mention a 30″ tall child and since he was not wearing shoes, the child would evidence of some sort of cuts and abrasions to his little feet. If there are none, I would certainly question how he got to the place of his death without any physical scratches, etc. And another issue; why was the mom sleeping at 8 pm when clearly everyone eats dinner and then puts their children to bed about 7 pm or 8 pm. I would be investigating the parents and asking why she was napping so late in the evening instead of taking care of her children. Where was her husband during this time; and where were the other three children at the time of the child’s disappearance. Children need to be protected and clearly, napping at a time that children need to be looked after shows that the parents were not being responsible. I believe CPS should get involved in this case and temporarily remove the three children from the home until the parents have been cleared of homicide. Hopefully the Sheriff’s department will not feel intimidated by the ‘big’ house and their financial status in the community and will be able to treat this homicide with the integrity it deserves.

    • I’ll bet that Mom had one too many drinks and passed out.

    • Yavapai County isn’t downtown Manhattan, but the Deputies and Investigators of YCSO are all professionals, and are all as good as it gets. All of the points you suggest were immediately covered, not to worry. Clearly, Emmett actually walked nearly 4 miles alone.

      Dad in this case works afternoons and evenings, and left the house around 2pm. Mom took a nap shortly thereafter and awoke around 8pm. The 4 children were not confined, the yard around the home is not fenced, and the area is basically a new subdivision planted in the middle of rolling high desert in an area that has been extensively mined and prospected. Mom’s situation is known to investigators and will be professionally reviewed, have no fear.

      Not sure what the “big house” is or what that means to you. Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office is not intimidated by anyone I have ever heard of, so be patient. All investigations having merit take time. Rushing to conclusions isn’t what law enforcement professionals do.

  2. I agree with everything Irvin says..So sad a young child life is over sad for all.

  3. Dewey, AZ is not in the Phoenix area. It is 90 plus miles by road, 70 miles as the crow flies, and is in the Central Arizona Highlands, not the low Sonoran Desert of Phoenix. Phoenix is in Maricopa County, Dewey is in Yavapai County.

    Nor are the two cases closely situated. Sylar Newton went missing from the Beaver Creek Campground east of Sedona, near Rimrock, AZ. His family are from Flagstaff, AZ, which is nearly 2 hours by Interstate from Phoenix, in Coconino County, not all that far from the Grand Canyon.

    Sylar Newton was the victim of foul play, but not a matter of “targeted” children. The facts of his case are under criminal investigation by YCSO. Much more is known to investigators than is reported, as is appropriate in a criminal case.

    Emmett Trapp simply walked away from his home in the middle of the day. All evidence found points to his wandering alone for 3 to 4 miles before dying in an abandoned mine pit. No tracks of another person were found anywhere near his body or along his route of travel. Whether his being out in high desert country alone constitutes a crime will be determined by YCSO after a review of all facts, but again, there are facts known to investigators which are not reported to the media, for similar reasons. Until a determination is made regarding potential crimes, details are withheld.

    • Thanks for the detailed info.
      The county I live in, connected to a big city stretches for a little more than 150 miles, so 90 miles is widely considered to be “close”, or within the area of the first well known big city.
      The article was released moments after little Emmett’s body was found, and is time stamped, so it reflects the information availible at that time.
      As in most cases, upon further investigation, the media and the public can report on more of the facts as they are being uncovered.
      My purpose in connecting these two cases, at the time they were still considered “Missing” was to bring national attention to their presumed abduction, and get more people searching or looking out for the two toddlers.Thousands of people clicked on the article, so the story got out as much as I could manage.
      I am not sorry for that,I am just saddened that each boy, however they went missing, could not be found alive, or rescued…very sad about that.

      • I grew up in a big city in the East, so I understand that perceptions of time and space are made based on personal experience and situation. With the exception of Metro Phoenix, nothing in Arizona compares to what most would think of as “big city,” and here, counties cover hundreds of miles and thousands of acres of not much. Think of the old Western Movies with nothing in view but more nothing and you have it. Tom Mix movies were filmed just a few miles north of Dewey.

        Run these coordinates in Google Earth for a view of the Emmett Trapp search area. The area searched extends for a mile in every direction.

        The first set are those of the Trapp home, which is not shown in the satellite photo because it was not there when taken. The second are for the Iron King Mine, where Emmett was found. You will get a sense of the terrain and just how far this little tyke walked. Note that there are no roads or trails directly connecting both locations, meaning that he walked at least part of the way through natural desert. Tilt the view and you will see that the terrain is also not flat. In 80 – 90 degree heat, climbing these hills is tough, the brush cover is mostly Chaparral and Cat Claw, both of which are hard on the skin, the ground is basically crushed and broken granitic soil which is sharp and hard, and everything is pretty much eroded and hard to walk on except the graded roads. Traveling the ungraded trails, such as they are, requires an ATV or a very capable high clearance 4WD.

        lat 34` 30′ 59.17″ N / long 112` 15′ 47.62″ W — Home

        lat 34` 30′ 0.86″ N / long 112` 15′ 27.38″ W — Iron King Mine

      • Thanks Erin!
        I did open those coordinates up in Google earth, and I get your point!…That terrain coupled with the heat would take out most adults, let alone a small child not dressed for it.
        Sounds like an unfortunate accident now.All i guess they would question is how he got out, and if there was any criminal neglect involved.
        Other than that,your clear example here should illustrate to everyone around the world reading this, that the desert heat and terrain can be dangerous at times.

  4. Skeletal remains found in Beaver Creek; deputies believe to be body of Sylar Newton

    Sylar Newton
    Sylar Newton
    BEAVER CREEK — Skeletal remains were discovered Tuesday afternoon less than two miles from the campground where missing 2-year-old Sylar Newton was last seen on July 25.

  5. I am so taken by emotion that I can hardly communicate this information to you. As I sit here in my kitchen the tears are streaming down my face. I can not fathom anyone doing this to these children. On this Sunday afternoon September 19, 2010 nearly two months after these horrible incidents I can not seem to break away from these stories. I am a psychic. These two tots were lured by an object or type of food perhaps (an Oreo cookie.) The fact that there were
    no set second set of shoe prints is because the ones abducting
    the tots were in an aircraft (possibly a quite helicopter.) I don’t know
    why the Police did not think of this. I think they should call the Flight Control tower and see if there were any such aircraft in the area
    at that time. I am picking up the assailants as doctors or someone
    in the medical field (more than one perhaps – three). These tots may have been sexually abused as well. (not sure) They could have been internally emaciated for some body part. I am picking up some kind theft from the children which I believe represents personal body parts (perhaps kidney or liver). I hope this helps. If you have ANY influence
    please take this information into consideration. I can be reached

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