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Man’s Pet “Service” Monkey Attacks His Brother And Bites Him Again…Now They Want To Kill Him????

This latest story from the AP seems to prove the fact that monkeys do not make suitable pets,they probably would prefer to be swinging in the trees in a jungle somewhere, and apparently ,we the citizens, along with the government, need to pass laws that protect wild animals from becoming pet slaves!

A Virginia monkey’s fate is up in the air after attacking his owner twice in two weeks.

The man’s brother had the nerve enough to say he’d like to see the monkey dead!@?@!?


This story is a difficult one, given the fact that, like a guide dog, Noah the monkey does have a role to play in assisting his owner with his health problems,so he is not just a pet. The problem here is that as primates grow older, they also lose a lot of their patience and frequently have to be returned to the wild, or integrated back into a monkey social circle.

Noah is a Capuchin monkey ,and helps to alert his owner,Joseph Hamric Sr.,60, a disabled Vietnam veteran, 10 to 15 minutes before he will be afflicted with an anxiety attack, brought on by his war injuries.

Gayle O’Neal, the woman who bred Noah, says Hamric never paid in full for him, and  is also concerned with Noah’s teeth. They should have been filed down or removed as a certification requirement for service animals.

O’Neal she is willing to take Noah back for Hamric’s”safety and well-being”. O’Neal says she is more concerned about Noah, worried that Hamric did something. She thinks the trust factor may have been broken.(SOURCE)

At this point in his life,Noah does not want to be a service pet, exotic or regular,and he is trying to send his captors a message.

What is surprising to me, is the fact that they would choose to destroy him at all….if he does play a key role in assisting the disabled veteran(post traumatic stress disorder), then they should seek to help Noah the monkey adjust, and/or get over whatever is making him attack his owners brother.

They could at least get him some counseling or direction from an expert monkey handler at a zoo, or someplace where there are professional monkey trainers,but do not kill him for acting like a monkey!!!

It’s not the monkeys fault that he is being forced to live amongst humans that want him to act unnaturally.He’s more than likely becoming a  “feral monkey”, and just wants to escape to get back to his monkey family.

Please do not kill Noah the monkey, and hopefully he will get the help that he needs, rather than to be put to sleep…

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=monkey&iid=3785102″ src=”a/8/f/a/Chinese_Celebrate_The_d905.jpg?adImageId=11925708&imageId=3785102″ width=”234″ height=”368″ /]

What do you think??? Read the full story here….


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