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Police Probe Possible Hate Crime On Elderly Black Woman Ruby Williams Fishing In Florida

The AP is reporting that one of our most precious treasures, a grandmother,has been physically attacked by two men,one white and one hispanic, and  viciously beaten, simply for the color of her skin.They showed this elderly woman no mercy, and treated her inhumanly.

65-year-old Ruby Williams says was beaten and left for dead at a Boca Raton park because of her race.

Ruby had gone fishing on Thursday evening with some friends, when she left the group alone to go use the restroom facilities at the lake.

When she entered the bathroom, she was suddenly hit in the back by two men who began calling her the “N” word, and yelling to her that…”your race is not welcome here”….

Local news station reports that…She says the men then rolled her onto her stomach, and one of them punched her in the face. She claims she was then dragged by her feet, and abandoned in a dark area of the park. She passed out, she says, and called for help when she finally woke up.

The attackers stole nothing, so Williams believes this was simply a hate crime. They have not been caught and Williams is begging them to come forward.


“There was no reason for anybody to do me like that. Now, I’m eating out of a straw. I’m so upset I can’t sleep at night. I can’t — I have nightmares,” Williams said.

Williams needed at least six stitches.

Williams says one attacker was a white man, about 20 years old, with curly blonde hair. She says the other man was Hispanic and also about 20 years-old.

Anyone with information is asked to call Palm Beach County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-458-TIPS…

These neocon racist Republicans down in Florida are not going to turn themselves in, nor will they be ashamed of their behavior to Mrs Williams, because they are cowards, and back shooters.Racist Republicans look at these types of cowardly attacks as a heroic act….because they are all simply cowards.

Not only did they attack an old woman, these two cowards were so afraid of any fair competition, that they had to wait until she was alone-why not attack the whole group of old black folk, if you hate us so much? Probably too much competition there!!!

I say, just like their idiotic failed Confederate ancestors that are walking around Hell, as the laughing stocks for all eternity, these kids are cowards!!!!..and just know that I spit on the graves of your ancestors, because they are burning in hell along with Hitler.

…and I wipe my A@* with the Confederate flag!!!!….Happy Black History Month!!!! The South will never Rise again….they will just all Die again like they did last time they tried to keep black people enslaved…idiots!!!

Anyone with information about the attack is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 800-458-8477. Callers may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000 for information that leads to an arrest.

Ruby Williams was attacked over the color of her skin

Ruby Williams was attacked over the color of her skin


6 Responses to “Police Probe Possible Hate Crime On Elderly Black Woman Ruby Williams Fishing In Florida”

  1. Reading your comments about Confederates and Republicans, I’m wondering if YOU aren’t the real hater here. Get a grip, dude. Two miscreant idiots attacked an old lady. I seriously doubt they are either Confederates or Republicans.

    BTW, is it only the 2% of crime that constitutes white on black that disturbs you? How do you feel about the 45% black on white crime and the 85% black on black crime rate?

    • Your statistics are false,…and I Do Not Admire the Confederacy!!!…so that is an accurate observation.

      All crimes commited by ANY race are reprehensible, so they all disturb me equally.

      Thanks for the comment,I do appreciate the opposite point of view, but they are obviously Confederate(they live in the South and hate black people, and they are cowards),…and that is the hallmark of all Republicans.
      Your quote…Two miscreant idiots… is classic!!!Good one!lol..

  2. What Sissies!!!! A 65 yr old woman? Really? Effin Cowards…..Why didn’t they try that crap with a Black male?

  3. Oh yeah and I wish people on different sites what stop quoting inaccurate statistics. Over 60% of HATE crimes are done by white people. Any idiot can go over to the Department of Justice FBI website and look it up.

  4. Hello my name is elia, and in my english class we are studying about all the hate crime that is out around us.

  5. Hello my name is elia , and in my english class we are studying about all the hate crime that is around us.
    and well i just wanted to ask some questions and i was hoping you can answer them.
    1. how did you feel once you woke up in a dark area of the park?
    2. do you think that they took advantage of you because of your age or because of your race?
    3. how does it affect you in your ife today? do you remember about it, are you careful of the places you go, does someone leave the house with you?
    4. what do you think about the hate crime that is out in this world?

    i am honestly sorry this happen to you. i cant believe that there is people out there doing this shit. excuse my language but, it gets me mad that people even have the heart to do such a thing like this..
    well i really hope that you can answer my questions. thank you.

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