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2 Year Old Aveion Lewis,Missing Roanoke Boy, Presumed Dead…Stepfather Charged!!!

Last Thursday January 14th, little Aveion Malik Lewis was reported abducted and missing by his stepfather Brandon Lockett.

Brandon Lockett had told police an incredible story about how three men rushed in, knocked him unconscious, and  kidnapped little Aveion, who he was babysitting.

Watch Brandon Lockett tell his lie here-

He said that the intruders held a 4-year-old girl at bay by tying her up while they ransacked the house, abducted Aveion, and left a $10,000.00 ransom note behind.

This led to an Amber alert that had the authorities involved in traffic stops,canvassing neighborhoods, passing out fliers etc., and the FBI got involved as well.

Investigators called off the search Tuesday, and charged Brandon Lockett with child neglect, improper disposal of a human body and obstruction of justice, as he changed his story Tuesday and confessed to police that the child was dead even before he was reported missing.

Chris Ward, Aveion’s Uncle, was still in shock even though he didn’t believe Lockett’s story from the beginning.  “We had already put this together when it hit, but I’m not ready for it.“

Aveion’s body still hasn’t been found.

Again, another child killed by a person that was not his biological father. Mothers and child caregivers need to separate their own personal relationships from their real family relationships, and protect their children from this form of abuse and murder.

Remember Marc Anthony Bookal , his stepfather said he disappeared while in his care.

He is suspected in his murder.

I could cite hundreds of similar cases, but I can bet that next week, I will be reporting on a similar crime by a Step parent.

Ladies…please protect your children from your twisted,child killing boyfriends!!!

Whoever allowed this monster to have access to Aveion, is as guilty for his murder as Brandon Lockett is.

Little Aveion Malik Lewis...Killed By His Stepfather...Thanks Mom!!!

Little Aveion Malik Lewis...Killed By His Stepfather...Thanks Mom!!!

Read the full story here…

2 Responses to “2 Year Old Aveion Lewis,Missing Roanoke Boy, Presumed Dead…Stepfather Charged!!!”

  1. No words can describe how I feel regarding Aveion. My heart hurts. People need to start standing up to abusers and treat them as they are. This is happening too often to children and it must stop. That poor baby Im so sorry Aveion Im so sorry ……..

  2. why is it so much easier for these monsters to harm a child rather than call another family member if they cannot handle child care? I do not get it?? I am not a parent but love kids and could never fathom putting a hand on one?? who does this. I pray Aveion is in a better place. I pray for Marc’s safe return but due to the amount of time has passed there is slim chances of that. And if Cory OR the mother knows something then just tell the authorities don’t go on pretending……

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