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Bob Griese calls Latin NASCAR Star a ‘Taco Eater’ on ESPN…

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Idiot ESPN college football on-air analyst Bob Griese called NASCAR star driver Juan Pablo Montoya what equated to a ‘Taco Eater’ during ESPN‘s telecast of Ohio State and Minnesota Saturday.

The reports of the on-air incident as reported by the AP is this…

As the network, ESPN, promoted the broadcast of today’s Martinsville race on ABC, the top five in the points were highlighted. Montoya fell to sixth after last weekend’s race, and one of the announcers asked: “Where’s Juan Pablo Montoya?”

Griese, laughing, and without any hesitation blurted out: “He’s out having a taco.”

At the end of the broadcast, Griese said: “Juan Pablo Montoya, he’s one of the best drivers in NASCAR. Just want to apologize for the comment I made earlier in the ballgame.””Earlier today on our game I made an offensive comment regarding Juan Pablo Montoya as part of a NASCAR promo,” he said by phone.

“It was regrettable and I should not have said it. I really enjoy NASCAR and I follow it closely and would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Juan, NASCAR and everyone else who heard my comment,”

Griese isn’t the only analyst to talk himself into trouble during a Big Ten broadcast. Three years ago, ESPN relieved Brian Kinchen of his duties after referring to a comment he had previously made about a receiver’s “soft hands” as “kind of gay.”

In a statement released later, ESPN called the remark “inappropriate” and said Griese plans to apologize again Saturday night during the network’s college football coverage.

“ESPN has spoken to Bob and he understands that his comment was uncalled for,” the statement said.

What Bob Griese is really sorry for , is that he has suddenly exposed himself as someone who may harbor bigoted and racist feelings about Latin sports stars, and Latin people in general.

You can not unring the bell, or turn back time. I am watching CNN’s ”Latino in America”series” this week, and they say that there are 51  million Latinos here in America, and counting, which is a good thing for America.Lations are a strong, and proud race of people and do not deserve this type of disrespect from a respected public figure, like Bob Griese once was.

I trust that ESPN, the company that pioneered broadcasting by launching ESPN Desportes will bow to the will of the people, and eliminate any possibility of their network airing or participating in, in any way, hatred for Latinos, either consciously, or subconsciously if it is on purpose, or not.

The offense is unforgivable, and I am sure ESPN will do what they have done in the past, and resolve this sad, sad, situation, or we should all just tune them out.

To read more about Bob Griese, click on the link below…

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 For more info. on Juan Pablo Montoya, click on the link below…

4 Responses to “Bob Griese calls Latin NASCAR Star a ‘Taco Eater’ on ESPN…”

  1. So what if Griese called that NASCAR athlete a taco eater! Big deal! It’s time you over-sensitive, politically correct jackasses get off your high horse. You’re not better than anyone else; it’s bad enough that’s there’s many of you as there are in this country.

    • Hey Oscar, thanks for the comment…
      For us real American patriots, that actually love the USA, and are committed to the advancement of our country,it’s very
      important for us to understand you bigoted racist neocon Republican terrorist, your whole mindset, and your whole plan on
      killing everyone in America that is not a white racist bigot like you and Bob Griese…To be politically correct.You bigots alway pull the racist card every time you are allowed to breath our American air.
      You all need to just bow down and apoligise, as to allow us to want to let you continue to live here.
      Obviously you could care less about denigrating the millions and millions of true American freedom fighters, like the 51 million
      Americans of Latino heritage…
      I am glad you crawled out from under your hood to comment, so now we all know how much of an Anti-American terrorist that you are.
      I agreee with you, we have too many bigoted racist treasonist synchophants like you and every member of your despicable family, and I wish you all would go to whastever facist country far far away from us true Americans here in our country, the United States, or learn to play nice, or do you want to re-fight the Civil War…come with it.
      So if you are still here, it’s very simple, your bigoted racist epitaphs are patently anti-American, and should only be viewed as what it is, an act of sedition, to incite treasonist acts here in the USA, because weak minded Kentucy dwellers like you, are dumb enough to think it is cool to be a racist bigot…Please fell free to leave our country, the great ole USA…
      Thanks for the racist ignorant comment…

  2. For the Colombians this comment does not sound offensively. Only shows Griese’s big ignorance.

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