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Did Ex-Detroit Mayor, convicted felon Kwame Kilpatrick kill a stripper, and cover it up?

Justice for Tamara Greene is near

Justice for Tamara Greene is near

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Disgraced ex-mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick may have to face up to a horrible and “despicable crime of murder if attorney Norman Yatooma gets his way.

You see, he is busy connecting the dots of the murder of stripper Tamara Greene which has long been linked to a rumored event by the fallen ex-mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. A team of FBI, Michigan State Police,and Detroit cops will commit new resources to investigating the death of Tamara Greene, and adds, there was no logical reason why the case was not pursued more aggressively.

Tamara Greene was  killed in a drive-by shooting in Detroit in 2003. Greene, also known as Strawberry, was rumored to have danced at a party thrown at the Moongian Mansion by former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick in 2002.

This past stripping engagement for the mayor and some other very important people in the Detroit political scene, is the reason why Tamara Greene’s murder case has become one of Detroit’s most notorious unsolved cold case crimes.

”It never happened,it never happened”…is the story that Kilpatrick gave the media in a major news conference on the event, and later, that same story was backed by Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox. Cox proclaimed the ”Manoogian Mansion party” an urban legend, that never occurred.

Sounds to me like he may have been in attendance at the so-called false party that never happened.It would be very easy for our top lawmakers to cover-up a murder that they have committed, in order to save their political careers.

These people sound just as bad as the Republicans, so I guess that corruption and slime has no party loyalty.

Growing numbers of people familiar with the case, like Yatooma, who filed a $150 million lawsuit on behalf of Greene’s son, say a major cover-up has hindered justice until now.

This week, the Detroit Free Press is reporting on the testimony of an undercover police officer on what he witnessed happening to the case, that leads to a cover-up…

A member of an elite Detroit crimes task force said under oath Thursday that he saw Detroit Free Press with slain dancer Tamara Greene’s police file.

The officer, whose identity is not being revealed because he is currently assigned to an undercover case, was deposed at a Detroit law firm in connection with a $100 million lawsuit against the city filed by Greene’s family.

The officer made statements of having seen law enforcement members who have no business investigating a homicide, access the Tamara Greene file. One officer who was an administrative sergeant when caught looking at her file claimed to be  doing “secret squirrel work” with the homicide file of slain exotic dancer Tamara “Strawberry” Greene, a lawyer said.

Another police man,officer Alejandro Parra, who gave a sworn deposition in a lawsuit brought against the city by Greene’s family, “confirmed more of the same sort of obstructionist nonsense” that others have testified to in the Greene case, said Norman Yatooma, a lawyer for Greene’s family.

Kilpatrick’s manipulation of the police investigations is publicly known since he resigned in 2008, after pleading guilty to obstructing justice in another case.

Testimony of one of three MSP detectives heard recently during the lawsuit hearing revealed that they believed the Detroit police were destroying evidence in the case. But his testimony also said because of actions by Attorney General Mike Cox, they were powerless to stop them.

According to one version of a never-proven Manoogian Mansion rumor, then-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s wife, Carlita, assaulted Greene after arriving at the city-owned mayoral residence sometime around Labor Day weekend in 2002.

She was ordered to be killed because if she pursued an assault case against Carlita Kilpatrick, then she would have had to expose the existence of the ”Manoogian Party” that all were denying, as well as all who were in attendance at the party.

Reputations would have been damaged,and heads would have rolled.

Ironically, as it turns out, heads rolled anyway, reputations were damaged by other dirty deeds, apart from this one that was covered up, and families have been disgraced.The economy of Detroit has been destroyed, and the city has lost its hope.

Michigan State Police detective Mark Krebs gave six hours of testimony Tuesday.

MSP detectives Curt Schram, John Figurski and Krebs were looking into the original case until it was closed. Krebs had wanted to come clean for years, but said he was ordered by his bosses not to come forward under any circumstances. MSP detectives Curt Schram, John Figurski and Krebs were looking into the original case until it was closed. Krebs had wanted to come clean for years, but said he was ordered by his bosses not to come forward under any circumstances.

Attorney Norman Yatooma is committed to pursuing this case, and uncovering what happened to Tamara Greene, no matter where the trail leads.

When a community is being preyed upon by those that we have entrusted to protect our rights as citizens, then what you have is a dictatorship, which goes against the will of the Constitution, and those that are responsible for this anomaly, need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent f the law, and the punishment should be so severe, that no other city leader or police force will even flirt with the idea of obstructing the law, and using the law to control the will of the people.

Here is a couple of YouTube clips of a news report on the murder…

Very suspicious from my point-of-view.I hope her family gets the answers about who was responsible for killing her…–Dancer-slaying-coverup

2 Responses to “Did Ex-Detroit Mayor, convicted felon Kwame Kilpatrick kill a stripper, and cover it up?”

  1. I do believe Kilpatrick is involved in the cover up, I think he is involed in the murder of Tamara Greene in some way….

  2. I believe that Kwame Kilpatrick likely (my opinion based on logic) blackmailed Mike Cox by telling him in the closed door meeting (off the record, with no witnesses), “if you want to air dirty laundry, go ahead, but it will include your affairs and I will oppose your re-election next year.” Instead of following the obvious leds, Cox “shut down” the investigation (so obviously) and went so far as to call it an Urban Legend (he could have said, we found “no evidence” but went further). A patsy democratic candidate was put up against Cox for re-election bid and Kwame did not campaign against Cox. After Feiger (allegedly) also blackmailed Cox (and Cox dimmly and belatedly realized the affairs would dog him forever) he finally held a press conference to admit them. After that he was no longer Kwame’s pawn. But, the people of Michigan are not dumb. The investigation was shut down by Cox, obviously, for this or some other (gross negligence? naked politics?) inappropriate reason meriting booting Cox out of public office of any kind forever.

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