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President Wins Nobel Peace Prize On John Lennon’s Birthday.

Give Peace...

Give Peace...Peace Has..A Chance

It does not get past me the miraculous coincidence that happened today. The message of peace, and a ”sign” has been sent to all the people of the world today, because it is Peace activist, peace pioneer, and peace loving musician/poet, John Lennon’s birthday today, as well as the day that President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace prize for the peace loving citizens of the United States of America!

I think we should all look at this as a sign from the spirit of John Lennon that quite possibly, the President’s policies for America, and the world, are truly the direction for peace and prosperity.

One can only wonder, but the coincidence should be noticed, and acknowledged.

Peace Has A Chance

Peace Has A Chance

2 Responses to “President Wins Nobel Peace Prize On John Lennon’s Birthday.”

  1. What a joke this was. A Peace prize for a President who is only going to escalate the war instead of ending it and bringing the troops back home as he promised back in 2008. The Nobel committee would’ve done better to give the prize posthumously to John Lennon instead of this wanker. He’s done nothing to deserve it. John on the other hand dedicated his life and music to promote peace and I know there are millions of other people who feel Lennon would’ve been more deserving of it.

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