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Why Does President Obama Have to Apoligise For Winning the Nobel Peace Prize Just Because the Neocons Are Jealous Of Him? Forgettabouttem!

Nobel Prize Winner,No Need To Apoligise!

Nobel Prize Winner,No Need To apologise!

It is a great day for America, now that our young President has been awarded the most prestigious award in the world, the Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to visionaries,philanthropist, and world leaders, for their bravery in pursuing peace in this ever increasing complex, and dangerous world. Information is shared around the world at lightning speed, due to the advances on the internet, and wireless technologies.We all receive the same news, and the world has deemed President Barack Obama worthy of the prize. Perception is truly a mutha’.

The fact that world leaders respect our president, and the goals, mission  and leadership in the world is the accomplishment, that was a monumental achievement. Neocon Republican haters enjoyed our isolation from intelligent thought and policies played out on the world stage, and financially benefitted from their fascism, at the detriment of us, the citizens of the United States of America.

Respect restored. They awarded him, he did not steal it, and he absolutely should be extremely proud of himself, as we are of him. Why all the hating?

I did not enjoy watching him kind of apologise for winning the Nobel Peace prize. When has that ever happened before in the history of this prize, and why is it happening to him.This is a rhetorical question because clearly the bigots that are so pervasive in every level of our society have created this putrid atmosphere.It was a disgraceful display of cowering, and whoever told him to say anything less than. ..”I am proud for America, and the American people today, as I am every day.This is not only and honor for me, but for the United States of America”…should be fired,or at least get more aggressive.

They will never like you, and the goal is to cause hysteria by spreading lies, bigotry and hatred throughout the land. The World is letting them know that they are watching, and so are the true American patriots that love and support our President, and all citizens of the U.S.A.

Do not let the hatred of the Republican Neocons diminish the power and prestige that has been the history and epitome of the Nobel Peace prize.In the coming days, we will see the neocons come out and proclaim the uselessness and worthlessness of this award, like they have never done before, simply because President Obama, a black man, and president has won it.It is the tradition for bigots in America to deem anything touched by blacks as trash, or lower class.They can not help it.

I say, if the Nobel Prize is worthless now that a black President has won it, then all the past winners must be worthless as well.That is the message they are sending. The accomplishments of Mother Theresa are worthless?

I think not!….and I , as well as the Nobel Prize committee, and the world, deem the Republican fascist regime’s oppressive, and bigoted national and international policies of the Cheney/Bush, KKKarl Rove, Haliburton-Fox News Corporation to be a failure, and an abomination to all the peace loving citizens of the world, let alone those of us in the United States of America.

The bottom line is this, they will always hate the president, so any attempt at mediation is a waste of time.We have the majority votes in the House and the Senate to pass any and all legislation without their help. I say vote them into submission!

Ultimetley,our continued strength at the polls will increase our transformational power to persuade the Republican- neocons to drop their evil ways , and become Peace loving true American Patriots.

Currently, they are allowed to spout lies, and fan the flames of sedition and treason throughout our land, via  the airwaves, unabated. It is truly a defining moment in the history of our Union. Will bigotry and racism prevail over American values?

I guess we must preserve the freedom, to destroy our freedom.

I say we need to do that, and vote them in to submission. You can not reason with the unreasonable, as expressed here in this YouTube video of a speech Rep. Grayson delivered on the floor of the House yesterday. Today’s negative reaction, and weak acceptance speech from our great American president, proves that he is right.

Here is an article highlighting some of the quotes from the media today on this great award for the American people, and President Barack Obama.

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