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California Gunman Joseph Mercado, 27, Enters Ex-Girlfriend’s Home, Kills 2…4 People Shot!!!

Some guys just don’t need to date at all, especially if they are unwilling to accept the fact that people move on and couples are free to break-up.

Today,in Southern California,a crazed young man did all that he could do to prove this point.

Joseph Mercado, 27,stormed his ex-girlfriend’s California home early Thursday and shot four people, killing two of them, before a sheriff’s deputy confronted and wounded the attacker.

Some members of the targeted  Hawaiian Gardens family hid on the roof to evade the rampaging , assault rifle wielding assassin, Mercado.(SOURCE)

He did all of this carnage just because he was a jilted lover?!?!…what an idiot!!!

The Los Angeles Times is reporting…The gunman, Joseph Mercado, 26, — the ex-boyfriend of a woman who was killed and the father of her child — entered the home on Devlin Avenue by a side entrance and shot the lock to get in, officials said. The first person he encountered was apparently the father of his ex-girlfriend, who was shot near the entrance.

The mother of the ex-girlfriend was shot in the kitchen.

The gunman then apparently went upstairs, where he shot his ex-girlfriend and her brother in their beds. They were pronounced dead at the scene.

The home was occupied by 10 people at the time. The mother and father were in critical condition at a hospital.

“People were diving out the windows,” said Bill McSweeney, chief of detectives for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Authorities said they believed the man was distraught after breaking up with his girlfriend and that he shot the family members and then attempted to burn down the home by dousing the house inside and out with gasoline.(SOURCE)

There are reports he had an AK-47?!?…

The ex-girlfriend’s parents remain hospitalized in unknown condition. Mercado survived his gunshot wounds and is cooperating with deputies. Authorities said Mercado had a criminal history.(SOURCE)

Love hurts…but this is unnecessary….

Joseph Mercado Killed 2 At Ex-Girlfriend's House...

Joseph Mercado Killed 2 At Ex-Girlfriend's House...

Read the full story here…


6 Responses to “California Gunman Joseph Mercado, 27, Enters Ex-Girlfriend’s Home, Kills 2…4 People Shot!!!”

  1. These are the tragical effects of the gender discrimination of fathers.

    • gender discrimination has nothin to do with allowing evil to enter your mind and plot MURDER! many other men have lost custody but dont go on a stupid rampage to kill someone just to get their way

      • …yeah, I just went ahead and paid the child support.
        After the age of 18,you do not have to deal with the mom anymore if you choose not to…
        KIlling her, and her family, will only make a bad situation, much worst.

  2. i went to high school with joseph. and believe it or not i pretty much have only good memories of him. He was such a nice person and a good friend to have. When i saw the article all i could think of is what a monster!! how dare he think that he is better than anyone else! That he has more rights to this child than anyone else… Every good memory i have of Joseph is thrown out the door now that i see what stupidity and selfishness he has. What kind of a person can sit there and plot the murder of another person just so that u can get your way. UUGGGHHH he is so evil and i am embarassed to say that i knew this person.

  3. every 1 needs to stay day f#ck out off it, the news people just report what the victoms family says and thats it, the girl was a fucken bitch, and he was over that fat hoe, the bitch was trying to get full custody of there kid, and was always doing things to trigger this.

    • …my sons mom did similar things with me concerning our child,..I got mad, but it was not a liscence to kill anyone.
      Suck it up, be a man, and just deal with it in court.Now, he definitely will lose custody of his son, and he has proven absolutely nothing, other than the fact that hus girlfriend was justified in her attempt to get full custody away from this maniac.

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