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HIV Positive Man Injects Deadly Disease Into His Sleeping Wife Against Her Will

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A 35-year-old New Zealand man is facing up to 14 years in prison for sentencing his wife to a lifetime of pain and suffering, when he forcibly injected her twice with a sewing needle that he had soaked and dipped in HIV tainted blood.

The diseased blood came from his own body, and he injected his 33-year-old unsuspecting wife while she was sleeping next to him in their marital bed.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=hiv+aids&iid=7169262″ src=”3/c/0/6/South_Korean_Marks_37d8.jpg?adImageId=8108259&imageId=7169262″ width=”234″ height=”320″ /]This is the ultimate betrayal because the young wife did not choose to leave him once he was diagnosed to be HIV positive, and she was not. She decided to stay by his side and to care for him,through thick and thin.

It is being reported that the man injected her with the disease because his wife decided to abstain from sex with him…because he was HIV positive, which only makes good sense.

If he truly loved her, he would not want to subject her to his disease, and he should have been appreciative that she decided to support him.

But no…this man is a self obsessed narcissist, and the he only cares about his own self-gratification, and is devoid of love. Unfortunetly for his wife, she realized this far too late for her to preserve her health.

The man claimed that he did it so that his wife would start having sex with him again, as she had refused to do so out of fear of contracting the disease. He gave her the virus by pricking her with a sewing needle tainted with his blood.

The reports that…His wife told a New Zealand court that she discovered a sting-like mark on her left thigh in May last year. Later that day, when she returned home unexpectedly, she saw her husband in the bedroom with a syringe full of blood.

Two days later she awoke to a stinging feeling in her leg, the Australian Associated Press reported. He denied pricking her, but later she found evidence of “blood sprinkles” on the duvet.

In September, when her doctor suggested a test at a routine checkup, she found she was HIV-positive.

This definitely gives us all something to think about, as this is one of those crimes of passion that seems to rate as an attempt on her life.

This is a case of ”slow murder” that is premeditated ,coupled with biological warfare. Life in prison would be a more likely charge in my opinion,but he will soon die from his disease.

I hope that they do not treat him for it, and with hold his medication so he can suffer before he dies. It sure seems like he had a good and loyal wife, who does not deserve what she is going through.

Police charged the man in October of last year. Keep the needles to yourself…and leave them to those that need them in order to survive, but absolutely not to kill, as in this case of marital abuse…

Mainlining... Shooting Up...

Mainlining... Shooting Up...

Read the full story here,and let me know your reactions to this sick crime…

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