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Mya 3 Points Shy From Perfection, Finishes Strong In First Place

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Mya finished this season of ”Dancing With The Stars” on top of leader board by scoring the most points from the judges for her final 3 dances performed for the championship round.

Mya, 800-VOTE4-11, 800-86834-11, and text 3411, finished tonight’s finale with a score of 27 out of 30, placing her two points ahead of Donny Osmond, and 11 points ahead of Kelly Osbourne,making her clearly the judges favorite for the evening.

Mya and her professional dance partner Dmitry Chaplin performed at a very high level this evening, as they have done throughout the competition. The only slight mistake that they made was in choosing a final freestyle dance from the Broadway play ”Hairspray” that apparently was a popular number for those who have seen the stage play.

I never saw that play, but I did see both versions of the movie, and their performance looked very good to me, and I was fully entertained. Apparently, the judges based their scores off of the Tony award-winning dancing that was in the Broadway play, as performed by the professional Broadway dancers.

I think that is a bit odd, to judge her performance against Broadway dancers,and not the rest of the competitors.I know she is good and all, but it looked to me like she was competing against Donny and Kelly, so that assessment was way off base, but…that is just me.

I think they were expecting something different, and forgot to judge the performance in front of them, and that is the problem with consistently being on top….people want to see you fall.

I admire Kelly and Donny,and wish them well, but it was irritating to hear Kelly complain and whine about Mya being a professional dancer, because if she was honest, she has an unfair advantage over Mya, which is that she comes with all of Ozzy Osbourne’s legion of fans, let alone her own from the ”Osbournes” MTV reality series, that was at one time the highest rated program on the cable network.

That all makes a difference because at this point in the season, it is not about dancing on ‘Dancing With The Stars’, but it all comes down to a popularity contest, and Ozzy has all the popularity in the entertainment business, and Kelly rides on his coat tails.

Donny Osmond has almost 5 decades of loyal fans that far out distances the small number of R and B fans that remain loyal to Mya, because in the R and B game, the fans like to tear down the singers once the hits stop coming, and loyalty is almost nonexistence.

The freestyle dance was as awesome as the rest of her performances, and do not let any negative spin on it fool you. If it comes down to dancing skill, then Mya would win hands down,….If it only was about dancing, but it is not.

It is a popularity contest, and the popularity is not based on the dancing performances on the show.

If it is all about dancing, then vote for team Mya and Dmitry, it is what would be fair.

The deal is this,Mya, as all the performers, are not trained ballroom dancers, so she is on the same level as Tom Delay in that area, and the whining by Kelly Osbourne is unfair,fake, and borders on lying. She was obviously trying to garner some sentimental votes from her dads fans, and at the same time, slamming Mya.

In doing this injustice to Mya, Kelly reminded me of her mother Sharon Osbourne’s tacky slamming of singer Susan Boyle’s looks, when she stated that …”Susan Boyle is a lovely lady who had been hit by the ugly stick”….–1017159.php

The haters are gathering to torpedo Mya’s championship, and she needs all of our support by calling or texting the numbers listed here in this article.

Call or text now, before it is too late, and let’s help her bring home the award she has earned, and deserves, if all things are fair.

Mya & Dmitry Chaplin-800-VOTE4-11–or—–800-86834-11—-text—-3411

No matter who wins, and I hope it is Mya, rest assured that I will continue to watch ‘DWTS’ because the producers provide some of the best entertainment on free TV, and the dancers are all drop dead gorgeous,….like Donny’s partner Kym Johnson who makes me want to visit Australia if she is representative of the women that come from there.

Click on these links to gauge the Love/Hate for Mya, and please….vote for her…

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[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=mya+live&iid=3927229″ src=”8/5/2/6/Mya_c0ca.jpg?adImageId=7786489&imageId=3927229″ width=”234″ height=”468″ /]

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