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Another day, another sex tape leaked…Carmen Elecktra,Carrie Prejean, and the hottest one of all…Miss Japan and Miss Trinidad and Tobago

Miss Japan and Miss Trinidad and friends...

Miss Japan and Miss Trinidad and friends...

Thanksgiving must be in the air, because this month of November has been a  cornucopia of riches for those of you out there, unlike myself, that enjoy watching leaked sex tapes of famous or soon to be famous people. 

Virginal Miss California, and a proud homophobe Carrie Prejean has made at least 8 solo sex tapes, that were for her former boyfriends eyes only, has been offered up to two million dollars by the porno production kings Vivid entertainment.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=carrie+prejean&iid=6115369″ src=”2/e/3/0/Atlanta_Falcons_vs_25d4.JPG?adImageId=7649574&imageId=6115369″ width=”234″ height=”163″ /]

 Shauna Sands of all people has written an open letter to Carrie, encouraging her to take the money, and maximize her financial earnings by controlling its distribution, which will happen if she gets paid or not.

 Shauna, of course, is speaking from experience, as her former boyfriend released her sex tape, on the eve of ex-husband Lorenzo Lamas and current family had premiered their own reality T.V. program on a major cable network. Shauna has offered to sit down with her over ‘tea’ so she could consult her one on one, sex tape producer to sex tape producer. 

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=shauna+sand&iid=4279604″ src=”a/3/b/f/PicImg_Shauna_Sand_getting_2f3a.JPG?adImageId=7647877&imageId=4279604″ width=”234″ height=”396″ /] 

Let’s see what Carrie decides to do…take the devils money, or cash in and blaze new trials as a christian porno actress. Today, singing star, actress, and all around sex goddess, Carmen Electra stepped up to the plate and has leaked her own private porno sex tape, but hers is not a solo affair. 

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=carmen+electra+bikini&iid=788203″ src=”6/f/1/0/Celebs_at_MTVs_8ed7.jpg?adImageId=7647506&imageId=788203″ width=”234″ height=”380″ /

 Carmen Electra stars in a soft core, and hardly porn tape of her lesbian romp with one of her cute friends. They do not perform any hardcore action, but you do get to see Carmen nude, which is cool, and she simulates a lot of fantasies I am sure her fans may have been harboring for a few years.Carmen’s is great because, well…she is Carmen Electra.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=carmen+electra+bikini&iid=787551″ src=”f/7/6/6/Christian_Dior_Launches_ff04.jpg?adImageId=7649268&imageId=787551″ width=”380″ height=”583″ /]I give it 8 out of 10 stars, because of its tameness.

 What it does mean is that the search for it will on the internet will make her the queen of internet searches for a few days, which should help promote the sale of her upcoming movie or book release. Electra, 37, can be seen wearing nothing but black high heels, stockings, panties, a red bra and a diamond-studded choker in a new short posted on website

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=carmen+electra+bikini&iid=788203″ src=”6/f/1/0/Celebs_at_MTVs_8ed7.jpg?adImageId=7649272&imageId=788203″ width=”234″ height=”380″ /

]Just note that even though it is tame,it is not safe for work,NFSW, so proceed at your own risk, but do check it out if you want to confirm my review. You may need to hurry, because, just to make it look good,like an actual leak, I am sure that her ‘people’ and attorneys will take it down quickly, after getting the necessary decease and desist orders, but…they all know that it is still retrievable by those in the know.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=carmen+electra+bikini&iid=787869″ src=”f/f/c/5/MTV_Spring_Break_82e5.jpg?adImageId=7649276&imageId=787869″ width=”234″ height=”454″ /]Once it’s up, it is almost impossible to totally delete from the massive internet sites that have most certainly copied it in several places on the web. 

The most interesting one out of any leaked sex tape that I have been forced to review as a ‘journalist’ comes from newcomers Miss Japan 2008 Miroko Mima and Miss Trinidad & Tobago Anya Ayoung-Chee who both met and competed in the 2008 Miss Universe pageant with Carrie Prejean

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=miss+japan+2008&iid=1377231″ src=”5/1/f/5/Miss_Universe_2008_06d2.jpg?adImageId=7647563&imageId=1377231″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /]This one features adults involved in unspeakable acts of passion and intamacy-all in a three-way with a gentleman rumored to be Miss Trinidad and Tobago’s former boyfriend. How he messed that relationship up, is amazing to me, because these two beauties seem like the coolest duo on the planet. 

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”false” link=”term=miss+japan+2008&iid=3184772″ src=”a/a/1/9/Miss_Universe_Japan_dcaa.jpg?adImageId=7647798&imageId=3184772″ width=”234″ height=”320″ /]I can not even begin to explain the situation in words, so I will link this article to the fellow blogger who has it posted on their site. Be warned…this is totally XXX rated and thoroughly NSFW, so wait until you get home. 

Do not be too curious, because why mess up a good gig over some prurient entertainment, unless of course, your job is to report on such news for a blog or other legitimate news reporting services. 

I predict the two of them will be famous, but that Miss Trinidad and Tobago is flat-out beautiful. She will have an extensive career in front of the cameras, so do not be mad at her.

 I give this one 15 stars out of 10, and the leaked tape speaks for itself.

 It is being reported that the action was stolen off of her Miss Trinidad’s former boyfriend’s laptop, when he left it at a computer repair shop. That sounds to me like a lie, because we all know that most people delete their porn from their desktop before leaving it at a repair shop,….at least I do.

 I am obviously joking here with all of this, but it is amazing to me that there are so many high-profile people out there that film themselves having illicit sex. Carrie Prejean claims that she just wanted to give her boyfriend a gift, and I have heard that before many times from young girls.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=miss+japan+2008&iid=3184770″ src=”e/b/6/1/Miss_Universe_Japan_95ca.jpg?adImageId=7648436&imageId=3184770″ width=”234″ height=”353″ /] 

I know when I bring gifts to an intimate female companion, I better show up with some flowers and merchandise if I plan on coming back. A sex tape will not cut it for the women I know, …but it would be great for them to make one and give it to me.

 I just would not be in it. Unfortunetly this does send out the wrong message to all the little girls out there that want to become celebrities. It seems as though that a ‘leaked’ sex tape is going to be mandatory for  young lady to rise to fame and popularity in today’s culture.

The viral nature of just such an exhibition has worked wonders for many of todays starlets and that might be a double-edged sword. 

I expect a lot of self righteous declarations of piousness to be espoused in reaction to this sexual exploitation in our culture, and I discourage any of my relatives to go down this path,so I do not have to be exposed to it.

 But, the reality of it is, is that it is not illegal if the parties are of age and consenting adults, it’s just inadvisable.

 I recommend a bit of discretion, but I do understand the pressure that we in Hollywood put on the female stars to stay relevant, and to be noticed.

If you are related to me, I suggest you make something eles for your boyfriend…

 Proceed with caution….as I call to book my one way ticket to Trinidad and Tobago with a layover in Japan!!!

Miss Trinidad and Tobago 2008
Miss Trinidad and Tobago 2008

Miss Trinidad and Tobago 2008
Miss Trinidad and Tobago 2008

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