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Alert- The Movie ”Good Hair” Causes A Rash of Theft of ”Weave Hair” in Black Beauty Supply Shops,and Beauty Shops

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ALERT- An anonymous source in the Police Department has informed me of a rash of strong arm , snatch and grab robberies that have occurred recently throughout America. The officer went on to attribute the new ”weave” crime wave to the information that has been exposed in the new Chris Rock movie ”Good Hair”.

The officer, along with an unnamed beauty shop owner in San Diego, told me this information, after I had come to assist a close relative that had been a victim of an armed robbery at a local independent hair salon,while getting her hair styled.

The salon, like many small beauty shops across America, caters solely to African-American women, and they have a small beauty supply house in the beauty shop, that provides weave hair, and various products, for the convenience of her clients.

She informed me that it was the second robbery at her shop within the past two weeks. The first time, the shop was closed, and the robbers smashed through the front of the shop, and stole only the ”real hair” used for weaves.

The shop generally has only one robbery per year, so these two to happen so close together, is quite disturbing and unusual.

The robbery happened this past Thursday, and the report indicates that the robbers main target was the real hair supply stock once again, which is the most expensive hair available for a weave. The robber had to know that before perpetrating this crime.

The shop was packed at the midday hour when the theft occurred, and the clients of the beauty shop, had to turn over their possessions to the robbers, at gunpoint. All of the ladies were elderly, and very shaken by the experience.

The officer told me that he attributes the new crime wave directly to the information in the ”Good Hair” trailer. In the trailer, it is revealed to the general public how valuable weave hair can be, as well as how expensive it is to get the procedure done. He went on to say that the movie unwittingly reveals a lucrative ”soft target” for thieves, and was so concerned that he felt compelled to inform the media.

The shop that was robbed is operated by a single African-American mother, who is the sole provider for her household. The effects of the recession has caused the mall management where the shop is located, to drop the mall security, which happened in January.

The shop is not profitable enough to be able to afford private security, so the Police have stepped up their patrol of the area, but as they told me, the budget for the police force has been cut as well. They would like to do more, and are committed to public safety, but when information get’s out to criminals of a new cash target, they can not resist.

In the past, these types of targeted robberies of merchandise, had been limited to convenience stores being ripped off for their valuable  cigarettes, and to a lesser extent, the liquor stock.

The weave crime wave, as the officer related to me, is not just happening in the black communities, but throughout the county. He is on record stating to have discovered a similar pattern of crime throughout the states, as he has followed many such cases across the country.

I know that this is an unfortunate outcome related to Chris Rock’s new movie that he, nor anyone else, could have predicted, and certainly do not support such crime, but it is a reality.

That was the first time my elderly relative had been robbed at gun point, causing her blood pressure to rise. It was quite disturbing to me, and I definitely appreciate the assistance of the local police, in their efforts to protect my family and friends in their time of need.

The officer, and the shop owner were adamant that we must spread the word, so that black beauty shop owner across the country may take steps to secure their businesses at a level they have never had to do in the past, due to the financial information revealed to the world in the ”Good Hair” movie and trailer.

We will keep you updated on any further ”weave” robberies.

The day that my relative was robbed in the shop, the stylist told me that her client had just paid her  $600.00 to do her weave. It is typical in these small shops to conduct business on a ”cash” basis, which is a little known fact that is also revealed in the Chris Rock movie.

I have personally paid thousands of dollars for my past girlfriends hair weaves, so I know how much money is at stake.

Let’s make sure that our women are safe and secure, and do not have to look over their shoulders, while visiting the hair salon.

FYI…The robbery was committed by three white males, all in their 20’s. How would they know what hair to steal, one can only wonder…

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