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Academy Awards Kanye West Style Moment…Elinor Burkett Bumrushes The Stage!!!

March 8, 2010

The Academy Awards is usually a stodgy,upper-crust,uptight event, where Hollywood royalty rules, and everyone in attendance is on their best behavior, given their entire career could be hanging in the balance! Ones next big role does not solely depend on talent and acting chops alone, but on how what you were wearing at the Oscars […]

3 Americans killed in Plane crash in Shanghai,China

November 29, 2009

Three Americans were killed and one hurt when a Zimbabwe cargo plane on its way to Kyrgyzstan crashed on take-off in Shanghai. Their cargo plane burned and crashed at Shanghai’s Pudong Airport, Chinese state media reported Saturday. Shanghai Pudong International Airport (Shànghǎi Pǔdōng Guójì Jīchǎng) is a major aviation hub in Asia, particularly in the East Asian region, and is […]