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Missing Woman’s Body Found Inside Motel Bed…While Renters Slept On Top Of Her For Several Months!!!

March 18, 2010

Here is a story that solidifies my belief in checking a room out for cleanliness at any hotel or motel I stay at,thoroughly,before I decide to stay there.Call me particular if you like, but I just believe that a hotel should provide a clean set of sheet, a clean pillow and pillow case, clean bathroom, […]

Josh Powell Husband of Missing Utah Mother Gives A Lame Story…Think He Did It???

January 8, 2010

Utah Mother,Susan M Powell,vanishes without a trace. Her husband,Josh Powell, gives this lame story of what happened above in the video. He said he took the kids on a midnight,20 below zero, sudden camping trip, and forgot what day it was. To his surprise, when he returned home, his wife had vanished, without a trace…but […]