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Glenn Beckkk Kicked Off Of Fox News Show So He Can Spend More Time Worshiping In Hell…Where He Is Respected(Video)

April 7, 2011

Satan’s favorite prodigal son,Glenn Beck,47, has officially announced that he is leaving his Fox network show, and transitioning into his new role, developing programs for his fathers followers in Hell.(TMZ) (Glenn Beck is obsessed with Hitler…and Satan!!!) All the inhabitants of Hades let out a loud yell of joy (…and probably a lot of pain) […]

Beck Rally Attracts About 87,000 Racist Bigoted Neocon Tea Party Republican Terrorist…All Of Them Hate American Diversity And Freedom!

August 28, 2010

Cultist Mormon leader Glenn Beck attracted tens of thousands (approximately 87,000) of racist bigots to come to his cynical Klan rally at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial, all to support his ongoing xenophobic campaign, and to embolden the coming violent acts, like the New York taxi driver stabbing by a hater of Islam, that the […]

Fox’s Glenn Beck Comes Clean On Blacks, Mexicans & Arabs

October 1, 2009

I hate giving this guy any more publicity, but my job as a political cartoonist demands it. The people have spoken. I created this short  with the wizards at, where we truly practice fair and balanced lampooning of theses Glen Beck xenophobic haters, that spread treason and seditious acts against the standing government of […]