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Black Boxes Found Among Wreckage Of Downed Air India Plane…158 Killed,8 Survivors…

May 23, 2010

Indian security personnel inspect the site of a crashed Air India Express passenger plane in Mangalore May 23, 2010. An Air India Express airliner crashed and burst into flames outside Mangalore airport in Karnataka on Saturday, killing 158 people, many thought to be Indian migrant workers returning home from Dubai. (VIDEO) [picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=air+india&iid=8886721″ […]

Over 160 Feared Dead In Plane Crash In Air India Flight…There Are Believed To Be Only A Few Survivors…

May 22, 2010

More than 160 people were killed when an Air India plane crashed Saturday as it came in to land in the southern Indian city of Mangalore on a flight from Dubai. This crashed Air India plane was a Boeing 737 about five or six years old, was cleared for landing and the problems appear to […]

Shroud of Turin Proven to be a Hoax to Cover-Up the True African Race of Jesus

October 5, 2009

African Americans have been suspicious of the validity of the alledged image of Jesus Christ of Nazarene on the Shroud of Turin for centuries. It has always been believed that the shroud was the cloth that the crucified body of Jesus was wrapped  in after he was taken off the cross. The image shows a […]

Happy 140th Birthday Mahatma Gandhi!!!

October 2, 2009

In celebration of the 140th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, I am presenting my cartoon design of Sudama, from the Hindu story of selfless love and respect for all mankind, no matter what their financial situation is, the  Krishna and Sudama story:  Read about the celebration in honor of Mahatma Ghandi here:

International Elephants Cartoon Character Designed by Brice Productions

October 1, 2009

I designed a series of animal characters to reflect the culture of some of the humans in their home country, through their character design, dress, ornaments, and personality. These were a part of a presentation for an animated children’s series, that went unproduced by the BBC. The colors were done by Julian Chaney, Parker Simmons […]

Lord Krishna Illustration

September 27, 2009

This is an illustration of Hindu Lord Krishna that I produced with Thellus Singleton for an animated children’s series presentation for a producer associated with the BBC/Cebeebies network.