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Play the Balloon Boy Game Here…

October 19, 2009

A friend sent me this link to a great new game based on the Balloon Boy hoax. It’s pretty fun, and easy to play. Check it out, if you have some time and tax dollars to waste…

Sherriff Announces Balloon Boy Fiasco a Sick Hoax. Charges Will Be Filed Against Richard Heene and Wife

October 18, 2009

  Breaking News- Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden convened a news conference on Sunday afternoon telling reporters evidence now shows that Richard and Mayumi Heene lied to police and news media when they reported their six-year-old son, Falcon Heene was trapped in a homemade helium balloon that had escaped and climbed to over 10 thousand feet, captivating […]

Baby Stroller And Baby Crushed and Run Over By Commuter Train-Watch Video Here

October 16, 2009

[picapp src=”0/0/8/3/Views_Of_St_e8d9.jpg?adImageId=5876023&imageId=3844580″ width=”380″ height=”233″ /] Closed circuit video has been released of a freak accident that involved a runaway baby stroller being demolished, crushed, and run over by a commuter train. The mom appears to start to leap under the train to rescue the baby, and then suddenly the train appears, and the stroller is […]

Uncovered-Fake Balloon Boy’s Racist Rap Music Video Exposed.Child Protection Services Move In

October 16, 2009

[picapp src=”2/e/a/9/Boy_Feared_Aloft_a98d.jpg?adImageId=5847759&imageId=6821281″ width=”380″ height=”247″ /] This story just keeps getting even more strange. News Bizarre has uncovered and exposed a racist, homophobic, misogynistic rap music video performed by balloon boy Falcon Heene, and his two siblings. The rap is hard to make out, but the N word is used several times, as well as […]