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Animated Macy Gray-Slap A B*tch-Moving Illustration By Animation-Cycle Creator Jerry Brice

October 22, 2010

‘Slap A Bitch’ was a song recorded by the incomparable Macy Gray in 2008, and this is an animated homage to the song,featuring an animated Macy Gray and full band in one of my signature animated dance cycles.(VIDEO) The animation was done by Jerry Brice ,from an painted-illustration design by Thellus Singleton,a frequent collaborator. [picapp […]

The Fadd- The Star (Remix) 1989…Old School R&B Music Video Is A Look Back In Time.

October 15, 2010

“The Star” (Everybody Wants To Be A Star) by the little known group The Fadd, was one of the first music videos that Brice Productions was commissioned to produce and direct, while I was working as an assistant animator for the Feature Animation Department at Walt Disney Studios. We were working on ‘Oliver & Co’ […]

Tyler Perry Angered Over Spike Lee Calling Him a Coon and Declares his Movies a Form of Coonery

October 24, 2009

As usual,Spike Lee, a corny, arrogant, uppity, elitist ,hypocrite Morehouse graduate is trying to declare himself as the arbiter of all that is black in the film and T.V. business, and in doing so has set the African-American filmmaker back to the days of segregation, as he has, with all the low-class flare that is so intrinsic […]

Man Down!!!Keyshia Cole’s Ex-Crack Head Mom Frankie Breaks Down at the 2009 B.E.T. Hip Hop Awards…Maybe She is Pregnant!

October 11, 2009

Keyshia Cole’s mother Frankie breaks down into tears at the 2009 BET Awards when asked whether or not she’s having monetary problems while sporting a new set of platinum gold fronts. During a red carpet interview, she seemed to be full of life as she talked about the stores she liked to shop at followed […]

Mike Vick Reality Show Set For Production on B.E.T….No Dogs Allowed

October 7, 2009

Stop the presses…B.E.T. is set to produce a reality television series chronicling the life of Michael Vick after prison, and after dogfighting. The series show the audience how he fills his idle time off the field, now that he no longer can kick back, crack a cold one, and watch a bloodthirsty, entertaining dog fight, […]