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Croc Hunters In The Phillipines Capture 21-Foot Monster Size Crocodile!!!…Much Larger One Still At Large!

Hunters in the Philippines have successfully captured alive,  21-foot crocodile over the weekend that has been blamed for a pair of lethal attacks on the villagers there.(See Pictures Here!!!)

Captured giant croc

Captured giant croc

The crocodile is suspected in the deaths of a local farmer,who went missing in July, and for eating a 12-year-old girl, identified as Rowena Romano,  whose head was bitten off two years ago.(Source)

Giant croc ate a 12 year old girl!!!

Giant croc ate a 12-year-old girl!!!

The Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center said it is the largest crocodile caught in the Philippines to date,and the largest captive crocodile on record was only a mere 18 feet…this one is 21 feet,600 kilograms ( 2,370 pounds)!!!(Source)

Mayor Edwin Elorde said Tuesday that the giant croc will become the star of a planned ecotourism and conservation park near the Agusan Marsh, Bunawan.(CNN)

“We will take advantage of this crocodile as a tourism attraction and we hope it will help us generate income and jobs,” Elorde reported to the media.(Source)

21 foot giant croc captured in the Phillipines

21 foot giant croc captured in the Philippines

He hopes that, rather than eating tourist, that the crocodile will boost tourism to his city, and hopes to get the authorities from the Guinness Book of World records to acknowledge the croc, as being the largest one anywhere in captivity.

The crocodile has been named Lolong-after the lead hunter who planned the capture of the man-eater,  Ernesto “Lolong” Conate,but died of a stroke days before the hunt began.

Lolong, the male crocodile was captured after 3 weeks of hunting, with the help of a heavy metal cable and at least 30 men.(BBC)

It is believed to be at least 50 years old, and it took roughly 100 people to pull the beast from a creek by rope and then hoist it by crane onto a truck.

The villagers are not at ease at the capture of Lolong, because there have been sightings of a much larger crocodile in the area, so they are not certain that Lolong was the one responsible for the killings.(CBS)

I guess only time will tell.(Gather)

Experts explain that the destruction and intrusion on the giant crocodiles natural habitat by humans, lead to them feeding on human beings.If left undisturbed in their natural habitats, crocodiles are unlikely to eat humans despite their carnivorous nature, and that crocodiles turn extra aggressive during their breeding season from April to September.(Source)

Giant croc jaws tied up after capture

Giant croc jaws tied up after capture

The crocodile Lolong suffered no major injury in his capture, just a small abrasion on his jaw, so he is safe for now.(Slate)

Americans kill their giant alligators...

Americans kill their giant alligators...

In America, giant alligators,which are not crocodiles, but similar, have been captured, but are summarily killed for food and their hide.(Source)

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  1. They should eat that bad boy!

  2. woowww..that croc as large as car.hohoho

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