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The Fugitive Dougherty Siblings Of Criminals, Captured In Southern Colorado…Fake Bonnie And Clyde Gang Allowed To Live,Sister Shot In Leg… » Bonnie and Clyde death car

Bonnie and Clyde death car

Bonnie and Clyde death car

Bonnie and Clyde death car

3 Responses to “Bonnie and Clyde death car”

  1. how much money was on them at the time they got wasted??

  2. i dont like the new movie,, i no they were both twisted but it seems like ther pointing to bonnie beein the twisted one this time around,,

  3. They weren’t bank robbers like Dillinger, they were small time, mom and pop store, and gas station robbers. So they probably didn’t have too mush dough on them…..and the new movie was good, and the old Faye Dunaway flick was good too. Bonnie and Clyde were a little twisted, but mostly they just got in too deep, and had to shoot their way out of situations or spend their lives in prison, which in my opinion is worse than death…….

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