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Detective Columbo,Actor Peter Falk,83,Dies…The Actor Had Alzheimer’s Disease

Actor Peter Falk has died today at the age of 83, at his home in Beverly Hills, Ca.(TMZ)

R.I.P.Peter Falk,83

R.I.P.Peter Falk,83

(Bio of Peter Falk)

His death was announced in a statement released Friday by family friend Larry Larson.(Source)

According to a court document filed in December 2008, Falk’s daughter Catherine said her father was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. In 2009, a court put him under a conservatorship.(Source)

Peter Falk as Det. Lt. Columbo

Peter Falk as Det. Lt. Columbo


To a generation of fans Peter Falk was best known for his role as the iconic cop Lt. Columbo in the long-running TV series of the same name. (Source)

Peter Falk had a unique look in Hollywood, due to the loss of his right eyeball at the age of 3 to a malignant tumor.He had a glass eyeball as a replacement for his real one.(NPR)

(What was Peter Falk’s Best Roles?)

As a struggling actor, his agent told him that the loss of his eye would prevent him from getting bookings...but he was proven to be wrong by the tenacious success of Peter Falk, who would not be denied.(IMDB)

He was the first actor to be nominated for an Academy Award and Emmy in the same year, and  he also won four Emmy awards for his work on the Columbo television series.(The 5 best Columbo Episodes)

R.I.P.Peter Falk,83

R.I.P.Peter Falk,83

Peter Falk is survived by his wife Shera and his two daughters.(E!)

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