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Amy Winehouse Does A ‘Whitney Houston’ And Gets Booed Off Stage In Serbia!!!…She Discovers It’s Hard To Perform In Concert When You Are Drunk And High (Video)

Troubled  British pop star and chronic drug addict Amy Winehouse was booed off stage Saturday in Serbia,of all places,after showing up on stage for a much awaited concert performance, totally drunk and high in appearance, stumbling, mumbling and scratching her arms like a heroin addict, tripping off of the drugs.(Huffpo)

Amy Whinehouse booed offstage

Amy Winehouse booed offstage

…she basically pulled a “Whitney Houston”,and is even approaching Sly Stone level of infamy!(Source)

When will these famous singers learn that it’s hard to deliver a professional concert, and hit all of those notes that the fans expect of you, and which made you rich and famous…when you are on heroin,crack cocaine,meth,and alcohol!…it just does not work!

Whitney Houston inspires Amy Whinehouse...

Whitney Houston inspires Amy Winehouse...

Poor Amy could have been big!!!

Sly Stone

Sly Stone

The 27-year-old, whose more famous songs include one called Rehab, had been  banned from drinking on the 12-date European tour to keep it on track.(Source)

Amy Winehouse may want to go to rehab...NOW@!!!

Amy Winehouse may want to go to rehab...NOW@!!!

(Watch performance here…is she drunk?)

However, on the first night of the tour in the Serbian capital Belgrade, she is thought to have accessed some  alcohol,and possibly some strong narcotics,from some dealer on set.

She was not only booed off the stage Saturday night, but she also reportedly greeted the crowd in Belgrade by saying ”Hello, Athens.”

She has canceled upcoming gigs in Istanbul and Athens, and plans to resume performing on July 8 in Spain.(Source)

…hopefully Amy will get her act together, and get back to making more hit songs…or she will become obsolete like Whitney…I wish the best for the both of them!!!

6 Responses to “Amy Winehouse Does A ‘Whitney Houston’ And Gets Booed Off Stage In Serbia!!!…She Discovers It’s Hard To Perform In Concert When You Are Drunk And High (Video)”

  1. […] Amy was born on Sept. 14, 1983,…and she has died much to soon. She was just beginning her life, but her addiction to drugs ultimately silenced her forever. […]

  2. Who’s kidding who? Isn’t there a saying “guns don’t kill people, bullets do”. Later some genius took it back a step and said “bullets don’t kill people, people do”. And that’s just it; this is not a tradgic accidental mix of prescription drugs that caught everyone by surprise. This was foreshadowed by anyone and everyone. Drugs didn’t kill Amy , Amy killed Amy. She was trying to do it for years and now she acheived her ultimate goal. No there is nothing cool about addiction or dying from it. It’s not like she didn’t know the consequences. If ever you find yourself under the pressures of addiction you are at least somewhat responsible for getting there. Ultimately it’s your responsibility to get out of it too. Be that as difficult as it is for most, it is done be those with meager means and less people with vested interest in their sobriety everday! Amy had all the money needed to get the best rehab available. They tried to make her go to rehab but she said “no no no”. I hope that that somehow sheds light on why you get help if you can. I don’t feel sad about her. For her friends family and fans I do though. She did have a great voice and although I never really sat down to listen to her intentionally I will say that I was impressed whenever her voice did fill a room and I was paying attention. Most of us work in jobs we can’t stand barely paying the bills with pain in parts we don’t know how to describe. Sometimes some people win the lottery and we say “lucky bas**rd” and wish it was us. Then we feel good about hearing one of them losing it all and having to go back to their old existance. Amy won the genetic lottery and had a rare voice. She lost that the other day. How does that make you feel? Just like the lottery winners that lose it all don’t you just think to yourself “that would never happen to me if I had that, I know what I would do with that”. Truth is it angers me to see people throw away what others would kill to have. It’s sad and shameful. Shame on Amy she had what we would want .. but that wasn’t enough. Shame on anyone that pits her as a victim of anything else but her own doing.

    • When you’re in the midst of addiction you can’t get out of it on your own. Not Amy’s addiction, that was severe. Severe. I dare say you have never gone through anything like that so maybe you’d do better not to speculate what it’s like or how simply one can withdraw from it. It’s also quite selfish and egotistical of you to say “shame on amy she had what we would want”. This is not about you, my dear, no one minds what you want or don’t want. 🙂 Thanks for listening!

  3. Whitney Houston was not booed off stage at any of her concerts. She completed her entire set list of songs at every venue she performed at throughout the tour. If you have evidence of Whitney being booed off stage please feel free to post it. This is one of those folklore statements put out there which is completely untrue and unaided by proof. The only time Whitney received boos was in Birmingham 2010 when she was on a break for 15 mins and ‘some’ audience members became restless. I should know… I was there. Also, Whitney contracted a respiratory illness at the start of 2010 which caused issues throughout the remainder of her tour. She was fine in Russia (Dec 2009). I really wish people would do their research and not pander to lies, rumours and speculation.

    • …LOl!I’ve seen her as well?!?
      All I can say is that the young Whitney was quite a professional top level performer,…and that drugs are bad, look at the recent incarnation of her.

  4. Cant you people see that she was hurting! She was in love with that dip shit Blake. All the songs she wrote was about Blake or shit she experienced. In her song Rehab she says shes depressed because shes losing her baby. That baby was Blake. All those songs she wrote was about her life and because they were hits she had to sing those songs over and over! Her 2008 live concert she started crying as she sang “love is a losing game”. As far as I’m concerned Amy Winehouse died from a broken heart.

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