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Mason The Dog,Crawls Home On 2 Broken And Twisted Legs After Killer Alabama Tornado!!!…He Crawled And Suffered For Three Weeks

A North Smithfield, Alabama terrier named Mason, was hiding, cowering in a garage on April 27, terrified by the storm raging outside, when he was picked up by a tornado that destroyed his owner house, and carried him away with the debris pile that had become of the now demolished structure,flinging him to certain death.(Huffpo)

Miracle Dog Mason crawled on 2 broken legs for three weeks after Ala. storm

Miracle Dog Mason crawled on 2 broken legs for three weeks after Ala. storm

(Touching Story of a Dog Who Crawled His Way Home After Tornadoes-VIDEO)

Upon the owners return to the demolished property they conducted a thorough search for mason, sifting through piles and mounds upon mounds of debris from the shredded structure,only to come up empty-handed.

They were certain that Mason had perished in the killer tornado, and had given up hope of ever seeing him again.(ABC)



…Mason had another idea in mind!!!

Miraculously, almost three weeks after he had been swept away by the tornado that destroyed the property, this past Monday,Mason the dog suddenly shows up waiting loyally on the porch steps for his beloved owners to return!(Source)

Alabama killer tornado

Alabama killer tornado

…Mason the dog and owners were miraculously reunited!!!

What is almost more of a miracle is the fact that Mason could survive and crawl as far as he did, and as long as he did, given the condition of he was in due the extent of his injuries.

The family rushed him to the Birmingham Jefferson County Animal Control shelter where veterinarians Dr.Barbara Benhart gave him emergency treatment and surgery.

Mason and rescuer

Mason and rescuer

“He’s got two broken legs and they’re distal radial unal fractures. They’ve not been able to be in alignment so neither one of them have healed so he had to crawl on two broken legs to get home,” said Dr. Barbara Benhart with the shelter.

“This is probably the most dramatic we’ve seen as far as an injury in an animal that’s survived this long. It’s kind of tapering off, the amount of animals we’re seeing because of the storm. For an animal just to show up on someone’s porch after this time was pretty remarkable, especially with the condition he’s in,” added Phil Doster, also with the shelter.(SOURCE)

Mason the miracle tornado dog

Mason the miracle tornado dog

Mason crawled an unknown distance on those broken legs to make it home to his loved ones,but for his own safety and medical interest, Mason’s owners have asked the shelter to care and house him,while they try to put their own lives back together.

Mason the miracle dog had surgery on May 20, and he is doing well. Shelter workers expect him to recover and to be able to live a healthy and happy life with his family, as soon as they are able to find a new place to live.

 Mason on the mend ,with two broken legs

Mason on the mend ,with two broken legs

Looks like there is hope, and things will work out…if Mason made it back,then so can you!!!

3 Responses to “Mason The Dog,Crawls Home On 2 Broken And Twisted Legs After Killer Alabama Tornado!!!…He Crawled And Suffered For Three Weeks”

  1. What an amazing story but.. sure hope the family is willing to visit and take care of the dog… as it must be very upset and needs the love of the owners and a real nice home….

  2. does Mason have a home yet??

    • His owners have asked the animal care center to take care of him until they get settled in to a new residence, since their home has been demolished in the tornado.

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