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Unbelievable!!!…Dad Blames 2-Year-Old Toddler For Shooting Mom…Claims He Struggled To Get The Gun Out Of The Babies Hands Before He Shot Her?!?

The father of a two-year old toddler,has accused the baby of fatally shooting his mother,  the father’s girlfriend,Julia Bennett,33,after he struggled to pry his 9mm semi-automatic Glock hand gun out of his baby sons hands.(CBS)

Julia Bennett,33,shot dead by either her baby son,...or her babies daddy

Julia Bennett,33,shot dead by either her baby son,...or her babies daddy

The  father,Troy Bailey Sr., says his toddler son,Troy Bailey,Jr., picked up his semi-automatic handgun off of the floor,curious about it,and accidentally shot and killed his mother last week.(CNN)

The father, who was not married to the 33-year-old victim and mother Julia Bennett, was reportedly visiting her and their child in her Miramar, Fla. apartment while carrying the weapon along with him,when the shooting occurred Wednesday night.(ABC)

Glock 9mm semi-automatic hand gun

Glock 9mm semi-automatic hand gun

Bailey,Sr. was not married to Julia Bennett,he is in fact married to another woman, who did not know that he had a child with another women, out of wedlock.He has been maintaining a secret family and relationship from his wife.

She found out about his child and ongoing relationship with the child’s mother,upon hearing the report that her husband is involved in the shooting of Julia Bennett,last week.

Scene of the crime

Scene of the crime

…the desire to keep his child and the baby’s mother secret from his wife,is what we call Probable Cause.

Troy Bailey,Sr.,the father, reportedly has a permit to carry the concealed weapon and has a license to use it,but readily admits to his negligence in leaving the firearm unattended,loaded, and in the reach of a child.

Julia Bennett Apart. crime scene

Julia Bennett Apart. crime scene

It has not been revealed why Troy Bailey was allowed a permit to carry a concealed weapon in Florida,but whatever the case may be, it was obviously a mistake by whoever granted him the license to kill.

Not only did he do all of the above,but he also states that the gun was on the floor of the room in which the baby was crawling,…but why he would pull his gun out and lay it on the floor while visiting his baby and babies mother, is still a mystery me.(Source)

Police investigators at crime scene

Police investigators at crime scene

…Why would he do that?..In fact, why wouldn’t he holster his gun even if he was legally carrying and concealing it while visiting his baby’s mother?…

To further cast suspicion on the father’s story,the autopsy performed on Julie Bennett,revealed that she had been shot in the back of her upper torso,suggesting that her back was turned and she may have been moving away from the gun.(NBC)

child pointing toy gun

child pointing toy gun

…Why would she turn her back on her child and babies father assuming that she saw the baby and the dad struggling with the gun on the floor,given that they were all in the same room of the apartment?..

The family of the “murder” victim  have all of these questionable points to consider in this story, if they so choose to believe Bailey’s story about their loved ones demise , but they obviously have to skeptical here...I know that I am.

…His story makes no sense!!!

Some of Bennett’s relatives have expressed doubts and concerns regarding the validity of the story from Bailey,stating to local media that they did not believe that the shooting by the toddler happened, and that the whole thing did not happen the way he is telling it.

“We’re not buying it,” Bennett’s uncle,Hugh Pearce, told the Miami Herald. “We just don’t think it happened that way…But we want to see the police finish their investigation.”

Police swabbed the toddler after the shooting, checking his mouth and hands for gunpowder.

Due to the age of the baby,he will not be able to give a credible accounting of his mother’s shooting,and does not have the understanding that his mother is not coming back,because he keeps crying out for her.

His great-aunt, Marva Anglin, told reporters the child is doing well but does not understand the gravity of the situation. “He just keeps calling her name,” she said.

The father Troy Bailey  has been questioned by police and submitted to a gun residue test to determine if the toddler really fired the weapon.

The investigation is ongoing, and the police are not calling anyone a prime suspect or even a person of interest.

It has been noted by many gun owners that the Glock 9mm semi-automatic has three independent safety mechanisms to prevent accidental discharge.(Source)

The system, designated “Safe Action” by Glock, consists of an external integrated trigger safety and two automatic internal safeties: a firing pin safety and a drop safety.(WIKI)

It is not likely that a baby would have the skill, knowledge,or strength to be able to have fired the pistol, let alone while allegedly struggling on the ground with his dad reaching for the gun.

It’s highly unlikely that the murder would have been possible as reported,because it requires five pounds of pressure to pull the trigger of a 9mm semiautomatic Glock pistol like the one used in this shooting…even if it was loaded, cocked, and ready to fire, it still would have been very difficult for the baby to pull off that shot…

Unnamed sources are stating that Bailey had confronted Bennett at gun point, in the past….Hmmmm….(Source)

..I believe that it is highly probable that whatever motivated the father to conceal the existence of his child and his relationship with the baby’s mother from his wife, is the same motivation that led him to commit this heartless,and wicked act of cold-blooded killing…and blame it on his baby son!

Broward County Florida Judge Arlene Joy Simon ordered the youngster placed in the custody of his great-aunt, Marva Anglin, and his great-grandmother, Joyce Pearce.(MSNBC-Video)

The victim Bennett also had two older daughters from a previous relationship. A native of Jamaica, she worked as a medical technician at North Shore Hospital.

(Listen To The 911 Call…Do you believe the fathers story??…I think he’s acting and making it all up!)

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  1. hes a liar. he did it and hes blaming on his baby to save his own ass. i dont believe his story for a second and i hope he gets arrested soon.

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