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Gaby Rodriguez,17,Reveals Her Teen Pregnancy Was Fake, And Just A Social Experiment…Her Fellow Student’s Are Shocked!(Video)

With show’s like “Teen Mom” popular on MTV, and Bristol Palin making millions exploiting her bad example and glamorizing unwed teen pregnancy, it is refreshing to find a story about a teen who was not indoctrinated into teen pregnancy by the two media darlings mentioned above,but attempted to expose teen pregnancy for what it is,…a harsh choice for a teen to make, and to deal with.(Source)

Gaby Rodriguez faked teen pregnancy

Gaby Rodriguez faked teen pregnancy

 17-year-old Gaby Rodriguez  revealed to her fellow high school students, family and friend’s in Yakima, Washington, that she had been faking her pregnancy for the past 6 months, as she took off the costume that made her appear as if she was pregnant.Gaby made the stunning announcement to a shocked crowded auditorium at her high school, Toppenish High School,in Yakima, Washington state.(Gather)

(Hispanic Youth In Center Of Battle Against Teen Pregnancy)

The high school senior, who has a 3.8 GPA, was conducting a social experiment about stereotypes faced by teen mothers,and is planning on using her experiences in the past 6 months as research to add to her findings in her final analysis of her senior project called, “Stereotypes,Rumors, and Statistics”.(NPR)

Bristol Palin is a famous pregnant teen unwed mother making millions promoting it...

Bristol Palin is a famous pregnant teen unwed mother making millions promoting it...

Her main point in the experiment is that she  wanted to see how her friends,family,and classmates would treat her once they thought she’d been knocked up, and  only a few people–her mother,her boyfriend,and the school principal,knew that Gaby was faking it.(Source)

Gaby exposes her tummy padding

Gaby exposes her tummy padding

Gaby stated that she felt abandoned by her friends, ostracised, and that she heard many bad and hurtful things said about her behavior, behind her back.(Video-report)

Toppenish High Wildcats

Toppenish High Wildcats

One thing that hurt her, was that she heard that since she was a young Hispanic girl, that  getting knocked up was bound to happen…(Source)

85% of the students at her high school are Hispanic like she is,and when she learned about the high teen pregnancy rates among her peers, she wanted to do something educational to help stop that trend.(ABC)

The whole point was to show the difficulties that pregnant teens face at school–something Rodriguez succeeded at better than anyone else ever has.(Problems Teen Mother’s Face)

Way to go Gaby!!!!…You deserve an A+++!!!

Gaby faking pregnancy in costume

Gaby faking pregnancy in costume

(Teen Fakes pregnancy To teach Her Peers A Lesson)

4 Responses to “Gaby Rodriguez,17,Reveals Her Teen Pregnancy Was Fake, And Just A Social Experiment…Her Fellow Student’s Are Shocked!(Video)”

  1. I wish to congratulate you on your experiment as i have recently found out that i am pregnant. I thought that my friends and family would stand by me, but they have all turned their back on me and my boyfriend doesnt even want to know about the baby or me.

    • Chloe…babies are a blessing, no matter how unexpected they may be sometimes, but they are a positive addition to your life.I am sorry to hear about the family and boyfriend treating you negatively, but in time, your mom and family members will come around, not too many people can resist a baby!
      Just take care of yourself for these 9 moths, and seek prenatal care, because the baby needs you to do that.if you can, go to a woman’s center or church, and seek guidance and counseling from there, that type of support will help you out to stay positive, and that is what the baby requires.
      When the baby arrives, do whatever possible to work towards making a better life for you and the baby,ans surround yourself with love from new people…I kno9w it will be okay, I guarrantee you that.Just know there wil be ups and downs, and maybe some struggle, but you can do it!!!

    • Babies might be a blessing but you have to think about your future before you give this a final thought. As a young mum you don’t think about your future until when the child is born, be serious this is going to be a hard life not to mention where are you going to get money for general cost of living and what ‘if’ the baby gets sick or you get sick. Just because everyone is getting pregnant doesn’t mean it’s a good thing, I think young people should think about what they want to achieve in life before starting a family in a very young age. My sister got pregnant at the age of 16yrs/o and right now she’s still studying her degree when she would have finished long ago and became a PHD, though being pregnant is not a bad news it’s also has it’s down falls with finding a better job, in my opinion education is the most important thing than having a boyfriend so you have something to look forward to when you finally are successful in life. Rather then finding yourself in a situation where you can’t get out from and the only two ways is to either keep the baby or abort it. And not everyone is going to support you or be by your side that’s reality, people judge. But sometimes along the way you’ll have your best days and others you have your rainy days; that’s life! Education is better then struggling to find ends meat and keeping a roof over your head and your kid(s). So I don’t see why young people want to throw there life away just because your loosing your virginity to someone is not going to stay with you when they find out that your pregnant

  2. My daughter had three kids by age 19. Frankly, I was devastated, but I always stood by her and told her that she could make something out of her life no matter what statistics said or what people said or thought. She got her GED at age 18 and after baby #3 and with her future husband at her side , she started taking an interest in academics. It has taken years, but she starts her senior year this fall and will be getting her BSN in nursing June 2016. My daughter was never afraid to ask for help and young ladies in this position need support. Don’t expect others to raise and take care of your children, but use your support system wisely and invest in your life and the life of your kids.

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