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Keri Hilson’s Hot New Video ‘One Night Stand’ With Chris Brown…Let’s Hope For Her Sake This Makes Chris ‘Woman-Beater’ Brown Happy…Or He Might Throw That Night Stand At Her Head!!! (Video) » Rihanna Smacked-Up By Chris ‘Beater” Brown…

Rihanna Smacked-Up By Chris 'Beater" Brown...

Rihanna Smacked-Up By Chris ‘Beater” Brown…

Rihanna Smacked-Up By Chris ‘Beater” Brown…

7 Responses to “Rihanna Smacked-Up By Chris ‘Beater” Brown…”

  1. it wasnt right for him not him her its never right for a man too hit a women……BUT!!!!!!! dont put your hands on nobody if you do want too get it back…..Now i like rihanna but when you hit somebody boys and girls you get bet up and sent home

    • …or, if you are a boy and hit a girl back who”‘girl-slapped” you, then you will be locked-up in prison, because we are not making “the man” money like Chris Brown…So if you actually think what you say here is right, then you better start singing, dancing, and sleeping with Diddy to get that Chris Brown love from the judicial system son!

    • That right because she is stupid

  2. And on Rihannas new song s&M she says she like chains and whips so evidently she likes too be hit…im just being honest

    • LOL!That’s interesting, because a doctor friend of mind who deals with mental patients told me a sure sign of craziness, is when one can not distinguish entertainment from reality.
      Believe me my man when i tell you…it’s just a song, not a confessional.just like Mickey Mouse is not an actual talking mouse.
      Got it, …real life, and then there is just entertainment.Not the same thing, got it?

      • …but i realise some fools lives are so distressed, that catching a legal-case over a little girl slapping them, seem’s like it’s worth it, and that’s the sad part of the whole game.
        Good luck, just man-up, and walk away.That’s what men do…

    • excacly… Then why did she call the police if she like being hit that is stupid

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