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Paroled Suspect Arrested In Wild Convenience Store Gunfight In Nashville,Tenn…Convict Narrell Pierce Shoots His Way Back Into Prison!(Video)

Parolee, and convicted robber 23-year-old Narrell Pierce, has been arrested by Nashville, Tennessee Metro police after the police identified from a surveillance tape that clearly showed him as on of two robbers involved in a wild gunfight with a store clerk, in a store located in downtown Nashville.(Source)

Parolee Narrell Pierce,23, mugshot...captured suspect!!!

Parolee Narrell Pierce,23, mugshot...captured suspect!!!

(See Narell Pierce’s Facebook site)

Kamil Alakabi is the owner of the Lewis Street Market, and is also a 7 year veteran of the Iraqi army, was working at his convenience store with a clerk stocking shelves and taking inventory, when all of a sudden two men burst in to his store and immediately approached Kamil and pointed a gun at his head and knock him to the ground by tackling him and hitting him in the head.(Source)

Before he went down, the brave veteran attempted to grab at the gun being pointed at his head, and that is when he was knocked violently to the ground.(Source)

Once he was down, the robbers turned and noticed the employee in the store and moved towards him,possibly to subdue him like they did with Kamil.

 Kamil the midst of the gun battle...

Kamil the midst of the gun battle...

…big mistake on their part.

In a scene that is reminiscent of the movie 2005’s “A History Of Violence” , when they went after Kamil’s employee Kamil flipped the script, pulled out his own weapon, a firearm that he had concealed on his person, stood up like a fearless man, and started busting caps in the direction of the would be robbers, and quite possibly killers.(Video)

What ensued next is captured on the surveillance tape and, as we all can see, turned in to a wild and frantic shootout, at close range, in the middle of his store!!!

(Watch a similar convenience store shootout in Miami caught on tape!!!)

Surprisingly, no one was shot or injured, and the parolee Pierce and his accomplice, when it became clear that Kamil was going to keep shooting, ran for their worthless lives out of the store, like the cowards that they are!!!..

…do not try this at home people!!!..the police recommend that you allow the robbers to take whatever they want, and to live to see a new day, but Kamil did not get that memo.

“When they saw my buddy back there, they run to him. And I grab my gun and keep shooting them. When I keep shooting them and they keep shooting me, they run away you know,” Alakabi said.(ABC)

As the two men ran out, bullets and smoke can be seen trailing them in the video.“I tried to protect myself, you know,” said Alakabi.Alakabi said he carries a gun because this is the third time in the past three years he’s been robbed at gunpoint at his store.(Source)

Parolee Pierce is lucky the Alakabi did not kill him, and that he is alive to be able to go back to prison.I am certain that in 7 years in the Iraqi military Kamil has probably been involved in much worst gun battles, where his bullets hit their intended targets.

Pierce was arrested without incident on Friday morning by SWAT officers as he got out of a car in the driveway of his home where he is staying , at 1:15 a.m early friday morning.(Source)

The idiot was also found to be packing a loaded .40-caliber handgun that had been reported stolen, so he apparently is not a quick learner.

Pierce had been convicted in 2004 on six counts of aggravated robbery. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison for those convictions and got out early on parole,set loose into society, free to roam the streets, robbing, and killing innocent taxpaying citizens….for some unknown ridiculous reason.

Pierce has been charged with attempted criminal homicide, attempted  aggravated robbery, theft, and for being a dumb felon in possession of a deadly weapon.

He is being held in lieu of $227,000 bond which may seem like a lot of money in Tennessee,but it should be more like $2.7 million so that he can not make bail.(Source)

…or maybe the state of Tennessee still have not learned their lesson with this one man crime wave?@!?…he obviously requires a lifetime of rehabilitation!

Hopefully, this time he will remain in prison for the rest of his life.

Narrell Pierce...still has not learned his lesson

Narrell Pierce...still has not learned his lesson

The second suspect is still on the loose and he is described to be approximately 5’9″ tall with a medium build.

Anyone with knowledge of the second suspect’s identity or whereabouts is urged to contact Hermitage Precinct detectives at 862-6993 or Crime Stoppers at 74-CRIME.

Let’s get these two off the streets before they end up running into someone like the hero Kamil Alakabi, who will give them the same treatment that the lead character Tom Stall from the film “History of Violence” gave to the would be killers in this classic scene from that movie:


4 Responses to “Paroled Suspect Arrested In Wild Convenience Store Gunfight In Nashville,Tenn…Convict Narrell Pierce Shoots His Way Back Into Prison!(Video)”

  1. i know narrell aka chris he aint a bad guy he was about to graduate college hes a smart person but jail obviously messed him up or something either way tahts my friend and im stickin up for him cuz if he was a killer he wouldve shot dude wen he had the chance…FREE NARRELL PIERCE

    • From what I have seen from the video, it looks like your friend is discharging a lethal weapon if in the commission of a robbery, which is attempted murder,kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, and several other felonies…
      Why our people think that it’s honorable to stand by our so-called friends that have done wrong, rather than encourage your friend not to do wrong, is not honorable, it is the height of cowardice.
      I don’t know where you are from, but if you actually believe in what you said here, please seek help, and not from the criminals that you hang with, they are giving you bad advice.
      If it helps, I can identify some programs or agencies in your area that help give young people proper direction if they have not gotten it at home.Right from wrong is not a difficult or complicated choice;if you support crime, then you are participating in criminal activity, and you may some day allow these so-called friends to lead you into catching a 25 to life case.
      Your friend deserves all the punishment, and more that he shot his way into, but that state seems to like to tolerate this type of foolishness…so he may get out soon to rod and possible kill someone in your community.
      He should not have been shooting at this store owner at all, to begin with…

      • Ur judgemental n u have no idea Wat he has went thru in life who r u to judge him if he a good person or not good people make bad choices sumtime n I have never even been in handcuffs so maybe u should get sum help cuz u don’t kno all the facts

      • I hope he stays in prison…

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