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FDA Considers Limiting Or Banning Menthol Cigarettes-80% Of Black Teens And 50% of Latino Teen Smokers Favorite Cigs To Choke On…Why?

Many citizens are viewing the impending FDA limit and ban on Menthol flavored cigarettes to be an erosion in our personal freedoms, which it is…but it’s one that,if we are going to have limits, I support it wholeheartedly.(WSJ)

Why you may ask?…it has a lot to do with a past relationship I had with a women who was a chain smoker of menthol cigarettes, and the smell of them on her breath when I would lean in to kiss her, was unbearable, bordering on disgusting!

I knew she was a smoker when I met her, but she was so attractive, fun and personable to me that I gave her a pass on that.I mean, we all have some bad habits or foible that may be unnerving to others at times, but no one is perfect.(Opposing

I just underestimated my lack of tolerance for not only the smell of menthol mixed with tobacco, but the taste it left in her mouth,and mine was horrible. I would have preferred that her breath smell like chronic,…if it had to smell like any vile and disgusting smoke@!

…it basically ruined our relationship which was unfortunate.She tried hard to quit, but eventually stopped trying to end her addiction.

Like many minority teens, my ex-girlfriend got hooked on menthol cigarettes as a teen,having succumbed to peer pressure, targeted advertising aimed at minority youths, as well as following the bad examples set by her role models who also smoked menthol cigarettes in front of her.

Many children want to follow the examples set by their parents, and unfortunately, they copy the bad habits of their parent’s as well.

In a draft report released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) it appears that more than 80 percent of African-American teen smokers are using menthol cigarettes and more than 50 percent of Hispanic teen smokers are also smoking these type of cigarettes.(Source)

The FDA also has found a significant and increasing trend among white youth ages 12-17, who are increasing their usage of menthol cigarettes in the United States.(Source)

FDA advisors point to the fact that menthol cigarettes are growing in popularity with teens and minority youth in the U.S., and health advocates worry the minty flavoring could mask the tobacco, making menthol cigarettes both easier to smoke and harder to quit.(Huffpo)

The same report went on to also say that, although the mint flavoring makes it easier to smoke more cigarettes over a short period of time, there was in fact a lack of evidence to show menthol cigarettes expose smokers to higher risk of disease.(Source)

Lorillard inc., one of the top manufacturers of menthol cigarettes sold worldwide, spokesman Gregg Perry said  that that there is…” overwhelming scientific evidence that does not support a ban on menthol cigarettes for health related reasons,…”

Lorrillard has filed a lawsuit seeking to ban the FDA from considering the research panel’s report in making their decision to ban the cigarettes or not.

If the ban goes through, they stand to lose a significant amount of revenue earned off the marketing of menthol cigarettes.(Source)

Their contention is that that menthol cigarettes don’t make it easier for people to start, harder for them to quit or raise their risk of disease and given that, should not be regulated any differently than regular cigarettes.(Source)

They also go on to state that any ban on menthol cigarettes will just encourage an underground market for them to grow and flourish,in an unregulated atmosphere.

The National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Association head Malik Aziz says “a ban would lead to an illegal market” and result in police officers chasing smokers instead of more serious illegal behavior.(Source)

As it stands, if big tobacco does not prevail in their lawsuit, the FDA will use the advisory report as a basis in their decision to ban menthol flavored cigarettes.(Source)

The FDA advisory panel is meeting today and Friday to discuss the impact and the significance of their own report as it regards to the impending menthol cigarette ban.

The complete report is due to the FDA by March 23, but they are not required to act in accordance with the findings of the advisory panels report and has no set deadline to act on it or not.

If we have to ban anything, ban these cigarettes, but I am biased, I abhor cigarette smoking,…but let me know what you think..

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