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Vansant, Va. Sheriff Deputies Slain In Shootout!!!…2 Killed and 2 Wounded By Sniper Lying In Wait Hiding In Trees

Randy Gilbert Newberry, 52, of Vansant,Virginia, fatally shot two sheriff’s deputies and two others were wounded Sunday in Buchanan County in far southwestern Virginia.(NPR)

The sniper Newberry was hiding behind a tree on a wooded hillside when he started firing from long-range with a high-powered rifle targeting Roger Daniels, the owner of Roger’s Service Center in rural southwest Virginia.(Newser)

Some media outlets are reporting that he was sniping from a distant mountain.(UPI)

Police were called to investigate a possible robbery in progress, and arrived at the service center to investigate the crime.(Source)

When the deputy arrived at the scene, he noticed a suspicious man hiding behind a tree, and he ordered the man to come out of the woods and show his hands.(CBS)

When he came out of the tree acting like he was cooperating with the deputies request, he  whipped out his gun and began to engage them in a shootout. At least 50 shots were exchanged between sheriff’s deputies and the gunman!!!(Source)

Buchanan County Deputies Eric Dewayne Rasnake, 32, and Shane Earl Charles, 25, were shot multiple times, and Deputies Cameron Neil Justus, 41, and William Ezra Stiltner, 46, were shot with the same high-powered weapon after they rushed to the scene to help their fallen comrades, police said.(Source)

Justus and Stiltner died at the scene, while the two surviving and wounded deputies were able to crawl to a nearby residence for cover.

Officer shot and wounded in shootout!!!

Officer shot and wounded in shootout!!!

Wounded deputies Rasnake and Charles both remain hospitalized. Rasnake was shot three times, according to Foster, and Charles is on a respirator.

Both remain in critical condition.(CNN)

A “Deputy Relief Fund” has been set up to aid all four of the victims and their families through the Grundy National Bank. Please contribute by mailing a donation to PO Box 970 Grundy , VA 24614.

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